Chances are that many of the lush, bright green lawns you’ve admired in your neighborhood are planted with El Toro Zoysia — the most popular turfgrass on the island.

“El Toro Zoysia has long been the standard for Oahu home lawns, and rightly so,” says Sean Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass in Mililani. “It’s very homeowner-friendly, as it’s drought-tolerant and highly durable. It thrives in full sun. Last but not least, it grows in really thick so it chokes out other weeds.”


Developed by University of California-Riverside specifically for Southern California’s warm climate, El Toro Zoysia thrives when planted in areas that receive adequate sunshine — five or more hours per day. Resilient and lovely, the turfgrass was also bred to grow with minimal insect and disease issues.

“Those issues happen rarely, but when they do, they’re very easy to treat with selective insecticides and fungicides,” says Fong.

This medium-bladed japonica grass is so popular and durable that the common areas in the newer residential developments in Ewa and Kapolei are planted with it, Fong reports. Thomas Square in Honolulu is also a great place to check out El Toro Zoysia. Planted by Hawaiian Turfgrass in May 2017, it took only about three months to fill in. With new expanses of lush, bright green grass, Honolulu’s oldest park was beautifully rejuvenated.

“It’s a pretty low-maintenance grass, and it doesn’t develop as much thatch as some other varieties,” Fong says. “El Toro Zoysia should be reel-mowed every one to two weeks, with the blade height set at three-quarters of an inch, and watered three or four times per week.”

What sets Hawaiian Turf-grass’ El Toro Zoysia apart from the same variety grown by other Oahu farms?


“We keep our fields weed-free, mow all our fields with reel mowers, and we sell only mature grass,” says Fong.

These practices also mean that El Toro Zoysia, like the company’s other varieties, will quickly root almost anywhere it’s planted, adds Fong. “It’s a great choice for families with kids and pets, and it will grow alongside you and your ohana.”

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