Our family has been installing windows for over 35 years in both California and Hawaii.

While over 90% of the windows installed are manufactured on the mainland, there are a few key points to consider when choosing a company to do your installation.


Hawaii is a unique environment for building materials. We have some of the highest salt content and ultraviolet light in the world. Both of these elements are corrosive to windows. Ultraviolet light will make vinyl fade or powder over time. Run a finger along your vinyl fence or older vinyl windows and you get a white residue on your finger, as the ultraviolet light is destroying it.

Similarly, the ultraviolet light that streams through your windows will cause your furniture, flooring and photos to fade. So, what’s the solution?


Our Amerimax windows will cut 95% of harmful UV light (as well as radiant heat), which keeps items from fading. The Amerimax vinyl frames include titanium dioxide. It’s an expensive additive that’s not part of most window brands, but it’s also key in helping windows maintaining their appearance through the years. They are also backed by a double-lifetime replacement warranty should they ever crack, fade, powder or peel.


The elements most susceptible to corrosion are screens and hardware. How do we combat that?

The rollers on our sliding doors, screen doors and windows are stainless steel, as are the balances in double-hung windows and operators in awning and casement windows. The latter gets the most corrosion because we normally keep awning windows open, which exposes the hardware to the elements.

The good news is that Amerimax once again offers a double-lifetime warranty (meaning it can be transferred if you sell your home or pass it along to family). We will replace the screens and hardware at not cost to you.

While other window manufacturers offer warranties in Hawaii, most will not cover replacement if you live within 2 miles of salt water. Read the actual manufacturer’s warranty carefully to find these disclaimers. Some manufacturers consider the entire state of Hawaii a “corrosive environment.”


Some dealers with a limited warranty will offer to compensate at the dealer level. Unfortunately, dealers change hands much more often than manufacturers. Also, quality manufacturers set aside funds to cover warranty issues, even if they go out of business.


Purchasing windows for your home can be a substantial investment. We suggest you do your homework and read the actual warranties for the brand of windows you are considering. If a salesperson is offering you a discount to “buy now,” is it worth accepting this “discount” in lieu of doing your homework or getting another estimate? Is this incentive trying to prevent you from studying the proposal? Is this person trying to prevent you from comparing?

At Diamond Head Windows, we are confident that the more you review the quality of materials, warranties and reviews, that we will come out on top.

To help you, we have compiled a buyer’s guide with a checklist from which you can compare different companies’ product features, warranties, installation procedures and energy ratings. The guide will also help you to define some of the terminology. You can get this guide for free as part of our initial estimate, or download it from our website at diamondheadwindows.com

Call us to set up a free estimate and consultation. We will take the time to address your questions and concerns.


We feel the more you know about windows, the better we look.

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