Change is on the horizon as 2021 is poised to be a transition year for home design. Expect some of the cool and minimalistic trends of the past to be replaced with more approachable designs that convey comfort, warmth and positivity.

“Darker colors, natural textiles, like wood and soft lighting, are great ways to make a room feel warm and inviting,” says Jen Meska, director of merchandising at LL Flooring. “Also, decorate with items and patterns that bring you joy to add a sense of your personality and unique style.”

To bring warmth into your home and enjoy this growing trend for years to come, LL Flooring offers the following advice.


For many years, cool color schemes have dominated home design. White kitchens, gray walls and black countertops were top choices by homebuilders and renovators.

People have tired of these styles and are seeking to add warm colors and materials in their home. Colors with yellow undertones are in high demand, from wall paint to furniture and beyond. Warm accent colors are being used by top designers in décor like accent pillows and throw blankets, including soft yellow and rich cinnamon. Brass and bronze are popular in hardware and accessories, and mixed metals are featured to add visual interest.



Floors are the foundation of any room, providing ample opportunity to update the space to bring in warmth. Because organic materials typically convey warmth, hardwood floors are a worthwhile investment. The visually interesting and intricate wood grains can be enhanced with any color stain, although warm hues are trending.

The rich browns in Bellawood Manhattan Chevron Engineered Hardwood is a great example, as featured in this year’s HGTV Dream Home. Not only do hardwood floors like this add a warm element to a space, but they also feel warmer on the feet than tile and laminate flooring alternatives.


Light can add to or detract from the feeling of warmth in any space.

Natural light sources are always welcome, so make sure to open shades to illuminate spaces. Of course additional light sources will be necessary, so think about how overhead, task and accent lighting can best work together in areas. Lamps, wired wall sconces, and picture wall lights are easy to install and instantly add style and glow to a room.

Finally, when looking at lights, consider the type of bulbs you use and opt for options that project warmer light rather than those with cooler light tones that have white or blue undertones.


Mirrors serve multiple purposes in a room: They add artistic style, they visually expand the space and they reflect light. Designers often strategically place a mirror to bounce natural light or reflect the exterior landscape, helping bring the feeling of the outdoors inside in a subtle yet meaningful way.


A mirror can further add to the warmth of a space depending on the frame material.

Some popular options for frames include wood, resin or gold-hued metals. If you have an old mirror you want to revive, consider painting the frame in an appropriate accent color and you’ll breathe new life into an existing piece.


A simple way to add life into your home is adding plants. Humans are naturally drawn to nature, so adding foliage brings warmth to any room.

If you’re not much of a green thumb, consider low-maintenance houseplants like snake plants, spider plants and succulents. If you love the look of plants but just don’t want to deal with the real things, shop for plastic alternatives that closely mimic their real counterparts. You’ll be surprised how realistic faux plants appear.

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