While we live in paradise, owning and maintaining a home in Hawaii can seem to be an endless process of replacement and repair. The sun and sea that we love can make maintaining our homes more difficult.

If you are looking to replace windows and doors, there have been advances in window technology that will make your home much cooler and secure. The dual-pane system is designed to better insulate than earlier generations. Vinyl frames make maintenance much easier.


There are a number of companies in Hawaii that replace windows. With a couple exceptions, these windows are coming from the mainland. Most of these brands are not equipped to deal with the corrosive component that Hawaii has with our proximity to the sea.

That’s why you want to order windows from a manufacturer, like Amerimax, who will offer a double lifetime warranty that includes glass breakage, hardware, screens or any mechanical issue. Most brands have a special warranty for Hawaii, particularly if you are within 2 miles of the ocean.

Windows equipped with stainless steel hardware are necessary, even on sliding windows and screen doors.


When considering brands or dealers, check out their warranty for Hawaii or coverage of corrosion. Also ensure that the warranty is coming directly from the manufacturer, not the dealer.

If you would like a free estimate and consultation, contact Diamond Head Windows. The company can answer your questions, inspect your home and give you an estimate that breaks down the cost by window, so you can see the extent of the entire job or give you the option of doing it in phases. It also offers finance programs.

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