This is the 10th in a series of 12 articles featuring the great information usually shared at Kahala Pacific Floors’ monthly Great Flooring 101 seminars. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to cancel the wonderful sessions, but company president Shirley Pai Hilton has developed a new hourlong webinar version of Great Flooring 101. She is sharing some of the information right here, but please register for one of their sessions. Everyone finds them to be informative and enjoyable.

Thus far, we have talked about all the different types of wood, bamboo, vinyl, and stone or tile flooring that are available, as well as tips about installation and maintenance. This week, however, let’s talk about design and how to make it all look fabulous. There are certain colors that just do not work together and certain guidelines that you should follow so that you end up with a home that screams “I’ve got exquisite taste!”


First of all, if you are only changing your flooring and already have cabinets or significant “keeper” pieces of furniture, those will definitely play a crucial role in what colors and styles you select. Regardless of how crazy you are about a steely gray floor, it just ain’t happening with those orange cabinets. However, if we find a “grayish” floor with some earth tones in it, that might work. And if you are starting from scratch with a new house or total redo of the kitchen, you will have to pin down one of your new colors and design around that. Decide on a final floor or cabinet color and coordinate with that. Your countertops also need to coordinate and contrast. Contrast is important. We don’t want 50 shades of gray.

It might sound self-serving but I usually recommend selecting flooring first, as it is probably going to be more predominant. Decide what kind of flooring you want to have — wood or vinyl, etc. Make some preliminary selections and place your sample in all of the rooms in your home where you plan to have that in stalled. Try different times of day and under varied lighting. You’ll be amazed what a difference lighting makes.

Try to keep your flooring choices down to as few different colors as possible. It is not a good idea to make each room a different color because you love them all and cannot decide. You can engage us for professional design services, and we will help you select a tasteful color that will look fantastic with your furniture and cabinetry.


Want to learn more and get a special discount on your flooring? Please register for one of our upcoming Saturday or evening sessions of Great Flooring 101. Upcoming webinars are at 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 13, or 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 25. Registration is required, so sign up by calling 847-7711 or emailing See you online!

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