A third-generation son who now lives in his parents home had decided to do a total renovation of the interior and exterior of the house that was built in 1956 in the Aina Koa neighborhood near Kahala. You can imagine how outdated the interior of the house was and the condition of the old carpet that was there while he was growing up.

He renovated the entire kitchen and opened up the area by eliminating several walls. The kitchen, dining and living area became one open space. He wanted a modern contemporary look with current color trends. He didn’t want carpet after growing up on it all his life. After looking online and visiting the big-box stores, he finally chose Metroflor Inception after talking to a flooring expert, who recommended that he check out this new flooring that was very popular and would be the perfect floor to meet his needs.


His main concerns were that the color and pattern fits in with his kitchen design scheme and that the floor was dent and stain resistant. Being retired and living by himself, he wanted a floor that was easy to clean and care for. The floor also was able to meet his budget because of the affordable price compared to other products being sold in the marketplace.

When the renovation was finally done, he was very happy how the pattern and color of the floor along with his kitchen remodel made his house look like a designer-created model house. He is very happy he chose Metroflor Inception for his home remodel and would gladly recommend that you consider it for your remodel or new home construction.

Waterproof vinyl planks are the hottest flooring product in the market these days. Every flooring retailer and the big box stores are selling it. Customers are coming in and specifically asking for it. There are many name brands and private label brands being offered in the marketplace.


Metroflor, one of the oldest and biggest manufacturers of vinyl flooring, makes one of the most popular brands, Genesis, which is now selling in Hawaii. Most recently, they have introduced a new vinyl plank product named Inception. Sales have taken off since first being introduced into the Hawaii market last July.

The line is popular because the patterns and colors were created with a Hawaiian aesthetic in mind, with pattern names such as Poipu and Mauna Kea. There are 15 patterns in the Island line specifically sold in the state and another 15 patterns that are offered nationally. There should be a color and wood pattern just right for your design scheme.

In addition to being waterproof, it is dent and stain resistant, as well as pet friendly. The floor can easily be maintained by sweeping, vacuuming and occasionally mopping. There is no polishing or refinishing needed. It can be installed in any room in the house and in most cases can go over the existing hard-surface floor because of its floating installation method.


Inception is available at Abbey Carpet & Floor. They are a part of a national buying group and the biggest retailer of Metroflor Genesis and Inception waterproof vinyl planks in Hawaii. They can also provide design and installation services if needed. Call or visit the showroom where a knowledgeable and friendly salesperson will help you.

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