Warmest holiday greetings from the team at Windows Hawaii! As we tiptoe toward a new year, the staff is excited to help residents along in their home remodeling projects. Whether it be a stunning new exterior with the company’s selection of siding, sparkling fresh and robust windows, or both, Windows Hawaii is here to happily serve the community.

The top-rated team puts customers first and is ready to accommodate their every need.

“We are happy to be of service,” says general manager Mario Garcia. “We offer the best service department, along with the best products and attitude. These are all what make us the first choice when it comes to windows and siding replacement.”

Customer Matt Kennedy is pleased with the dependability found in Windows Hawaii products and personnel.


“I had a visit from Mario; he’s a really good salesman. He brought all these apparatuses and visual displays. I said let’s move forward if you’ll give me a good price. I ordered one of those Alii Extreme windows,” says Kennedy. “You really get what you pay for. It’s a quality window and with the lifetime guarantee, and there’s an actual office on island. I felt pretty secure that if there were any issues, I could get service on anything.”

Alii Extreme windows and doors can withstand winds of up to 120 mph, reduce up to 50 percent of outside noise and have three weather strips per window (sliders), which triples the protection against moisture, dirt, noise, bacteria, mold and mildew, thanks to the antimicrobial treatment. It also includes a next-generation high-performance glazing system, Infinite-Plus. The products come with a triple-layer silver coating, reducing the amount of solar heat entering a dwelling, unmatched protection with Sun Matrix, that provides 99 percent UV protection.

Additionally, another customer, Mario Yano, comments, “I’m in my 70s, and I’ve dealt with many, many companies in my life. I would put Windows Hawaii in the top three of all the different types of companies that I’ve ever dealt with.”

And what’s more, on top of the highly regarded customer service, Yano says, “From the outside (the windows) are much more heartier and robust. That’s one thing I really noticed and liked. Plus, when you close them, everything is quiet outside.”

As for the company’s siding, it offers Celect by Royal Building Products; the best siding one could get in the islands. It is a premium cellular composite siding that gives the appearance of wood with a low-gloss finish in 15 different colors.


The product has a superior strength-to-weight ratio and locks together like a puzzle, so there is no need to worry about filling in the gaps. Since it is made from sustainable components, it resists moisture and is warrantied to never warp, buckle or shift, unlike real wood or cement. The material is low-maintenance, reduces worry about termites and keeps the home cooler, saving homeowners money.

Customer Nancy Beggin is a happy camper after her Celect and Alii Extreme jobs were completed by Windows Hawaii and had rave reviews from her neighbors who said it looks like she has a completely brand-new house.

In addition to her dwelling’s fresh look, Beggin praises the company’s hard-working team and their precision.

“I couldn’t get over how professional and meticulous they were,” she says. “They made sure everything was done properly and they cleaned up everything every day. There was a lot of tear- down from the old siding and they took care of all of that.

“I just want to thank all of the people that were responsible for making it turn out so well,”concludes Beggin.“ Mario (Garcia, general manager of Windows Hawaii) was very patient with me and all of my questions. I appreciate the professionalism. Everything was phenomenal.”

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