Over the next few weeks, a half-dozen containers filled with exciting new building materials will arrive in Hawaii, all headed straight for Rui Building Supply. If you’re a homeowner looking for hot new styles at reasonable prices for your kitchen and bathrooms, you’ll be elated to find some of the New Year’s trendiest materials at Rui’s showroom on Sand Island Access Road.

“We expect two containers of porcelain tile, in new styles both for indoor and outdoor use, by the end of December,” says showroom manager Jon Xie. “A container with quartz countertops will arrive by in mid-January. These handsome countertops are very popular these days, easy to install and require less maintenance.”

According to Xie, three of the inbound containers contain cabinets.


“New styles will be arriving, and we’re excited to unveil them,” he says. “In the meantime, customers have started mixing and matching our frameless cabinets, which come in white and espresso shades. The look is very unique!”

The showroom, packed with sales and bargains, still has plenty of those frameless cabinets in stock.

You’ll also find showers and vanities; apothecary cabinets; chrome and bronze towel racks, bars and rings, as well as sinks and basins in porcelain and glass, available in a variety of styles. There’s a great selection of LED light fixtures, both classic and contemporary.

Local construction professionals and homeowners alike have discovered this small but mighty supply company for its terrific deals on cabinets and tile flooring. The forthcoming arrival of new merchandise will arrive just in time for early 2021 renovation plans.


“We’re expecting plenty of fresh new tile designs in this shipment,” Xie says. “We can help you choose flooring for any area, or even multiple rooms you want to tile in the same style. And we always make sure we have plenty of stock, so you can cover large areas.”

Xie reports that the building supply company’s sister business, Rui Construction, is quite busy these days.

“People seem to be using this time to do their projects,” he observes. “If you have the budget set aside, this is a good time to plan your own project. Remember, we always have sales throughout the store, and don’t be afraid to ask about special discounts! We’ll do our best to find what you need at a price that fits your budget.”

Visit Rui Building Supply at 155 Sand Island Access Road in Honolulu for practically everything you need for your DIY renovation project! The showroom is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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