Ohana Softwash and Exterior Cleaning is here to clean your worries away.

From cleaning your roof using our soft-wash process to removing and cleaning mold, dirt and grime from your driveways and walkways, our ohana is here to service all of your exterior cleaning needs.


With the most combined experience over any other soft-wash company on Oahu, you can be sure that the job will get done the right way, with your ohana in mind. We service all types of roofs — shingle, metal, tile, painted and more — using our soft-wash process with low pressure and the proper chemicals to fully ensure that all mold, moss and mildew will be eradicated.

We use only biodegradable chemicals, which is not only safe for the environment but also safe for your home’s roof and exterior. We also service your home’s solar panels and offer panel wax coating to prevent mold buildup for longer periods of time.

Homeowners should maintain the solar panels on their homes regularly to get the most efficiency. When mold and bird droppings take over your panels, you are deflecting the light, which produces energy for your home. This will increase your energy bill and potentially cause damage to the glass on your panels.


Also, using pressure on your panels is not recommended, as this may cause damage to the panels itself.

While we specialize in soft washing roofs and cleaning solar panels, we also offer other exterior cleaning services. Our other services include gutter cleaning, window cleaning and house washing. Our company is here to cater to your exterior cleaning needs and put you and your home first.

During the holiday season, we are offering a special 10 percent discount off your cleaning price total, and a free driveway cleaning to make sure your home is ready for 2021. This saves you money and boosts your curb appeal, all while helping you breathe better knowing you have a mold- and mildew-free home.


If you’re looking for a residential or commercial exterior cleaning, Ohana Softwash and Exterior Cleaning LLC is the company you can trust to give you the highest quality and best customer service. All our employees are properly trained to take the most care of your property and clean all your worries away. Give us a call at 389-6861 for your free estimate today. We hope you all have a happy holidays and a great start to the new year!

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