Alii Extreme Windows by manufacturer Anlin Windows and Doors just got better thanks to First Guard Laminated Security Glass. Alii Extreme, exclusively available at Windows Hawaii, has a slew of tech-forward advancements to help protect a home’s interior and the people who reside within.

The First Guard Laminated Security Glass is the newest addition to the list of Alii benefits, which provides two levels of security that best fit a customer’s needs.


First Guard doubles the thickness of laminate than that in a traditional laminated window. It is comprised of a polyvinyl butyral inner layer fused between two layers of glass that boasts an extra layer of security and elevated noise reduction. The glass is 1/8-inches to 3/16-inches thick — building on its reliability and durability in stormy conditions.

“When compared to regular laminated glass, the First Guard double-thickness laminate will offer added security as well as increase the window’s noise reduction capability,” shared Windows Hawaii general manager Mario Garcia.

Security is greatly enhanced creating a near-impenetrable triple layer lamination of glass and polymer, better protecting against home invasions. The extra lamination fused in between two layers of glass make the window engineered to fracture but remain in place, even after repeated attempts to break in or during strong storms.


“First Guard is the newest upgrade offered exclusively in all of our Alii Extreme products,” said Garcia. “No other manufacturers offer anything like it. Any of the aforementioned options, with all the other Alii-exclusive included features, makes our windows the best products available on the island and they are specially made to withstand Hawaii’s climate.”

First Guard is available now and interested individuals can make an appointment by calling Windows Hawaii for a free consultation. More information can also be found at Anlin’s website at

“We are happy to be of service,” said Garcia. “We offer the best service department, along with the best products and attitude. These are all what makes us the first choice when it comes to windows and siding replacement.”

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