We live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and many of us have a nice view from our home. The view you have from your home may have been one of the main reasons you purchased your home. But often, that view is lost due to windows that are not insulated or not operating correctly.

My name is Mark and I am the co-owner of Diamond Head Windows. I have been doing inspections and estimates on Hawaii homes for the past 15 years and visit homes on a daily basis.

Often, the reason that people call me out is that they have older windows that are not operating properly. Most are beyond being able to be repaired. Many of the older jalousie windows have issues with the screens, either allowing insects access to the home, or the screen is trapping water and causing rot in the window frames.


The focus of this article is restoring and improving your view. The first culprit of a bad view is tint that was either poorly applied or has aged through the years and now is bubbling or turning color. If you have replaced windows or had an addition constructed in the past 10 years, you may be encountering another situation. You can’t see out through the window clearly because the dual-pane windows have fogged up or have mold between the panes of glass.

Unfortunately, most builders use “builder-grade” windows that they can buy from a big box store inexpensively. These windows are not designed for our climate and often fail after five years. One of the main flaws with these and other higher-priced windows is the spacer that keeps the two panes of glass apart.

The problem with this is the salt in our air slowly eats at the metal, and once the corrosion eats through, air gets between the panes and creates the fogging and mold.

Typically, the closer your house is to the ocean, the sooner these units fail. Unfortunately, when you go to the warranty for these windows, there will be “qualifiers” in the warranty that state that the manufacturer will not cover homes within 2 miles of the ocean against corrosion, which includes the screens, hardware and, in this case, the failure of the dual pane window.


But now, the good news. Diamond Head Windows is the exclusive distributor for Amerimax windows and doors. Amerimax uses a rubber-type spacer that will not corrode and will keep the windows properly sealed.

Better yet, the Amerimax warranty covers not only the glass, but the screens, hardware and vinyl frame — the entire window — even if your home is built next to the ocean. That warranty includes labor, and there are no service charges. It’s the best in the business. So maybe now is the time to restore your view and get a free evaluation and estimate. We have sales on the Amerimax with our big year-end sale: Buy one window and get one free. Sliding doors are 40 percent off. And we have finance programs requiring no money down and 0 percent interest rates.

If you are considering doing construction to your home or adding an addition, we can also provide our products to your contractor to install so he doesn’t have to use the builder grade lower quality. Even if he installs, you will still get the double lifetime warranty on the product. Have questions or concerns? Call us!

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