You know it has to get done, but you just don’t want to. It’s been on the to-do list for far too long. You may try to ignore it, dodge it or even cover it up. It’s your mess nemesis — your least-favorite cleaning task — and you’re dreading having to tackle it.


While some people enjoy cleaning more than others, everyone can agree that not all cleaning tasks are created equal. In fact, 88 percent of American adults have a least favorite cleaning task, according to a new survey from the makers of home cleaning brand CLR® (pronounced “CLeaR”). When asked to liken their least-favorite cleaning task to a person, 33 percent of Americans said it’s like a scam caller. When asked to choose between activities, almost half (43 percent) would rather go to the dentist than handle their least-favorite cleaning task.



Considering the COVID-19 pandemic and the extra time people are spending at home, messes are more frequent and can quickly become bothersome. The frequency of cleaning has increased for most Americans over the past several months, but Americans are, understandably, split on their level of cleaning productivity during this time: 53 percent have tackled a cleaning task they’ve been avoiding for years during the pandemic, and 42 percent have avoided at least one cleaning task during the pandemic.


Whether it’s soap scum, mildew, rust, stinks, stains or spills, it’s time to show your mess nemesis you mean business. Follow these tips to get the job done right.

• Set a date: It’s easy to keep avoiding tasks you loathe, so set a time for when you plan to focus on cleaning and be specific. For example, 10 a.m. Saturday you’re finally giving the boot to that lime and calcium buildup on the shower door. Put on some cleaning clothes, play some motivational music, and focus on getting the job done once and for all.


• Stock ample supplies: Stock necessities such as sponges, scrubbers and rags before diving into any cleaning mission. Having the right supplies for the specific job makes tasks simpler. Use proper cleaning formulations for your task, such as the CLR line that has products designed to get rid of the grime in virtually every area of the home, from the kitchen and bathroom to the patio, garage and beyond.

• Follow directions and use safer products: Always follow the directions on any product to ensure you get the results you want without making the mess worse or damaging the items. What’s more, use products that clean effectively without unnecessary use of harsh chemicals. Many of the CLR products are approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program, meaning they’re recognized as a safer alternative to traditional cleaning options that rely on the use of harsh chemicals to be effective, such as bleach. Look for the EPA Safer Choice label on the front of the product.

• Rally the troops: Whether it’s a big mess that requires multiple sets of hands or a tough mess that requires a few people strategizing, help can make a big difference. Even if you need to focus on the mess nemesis while other people handle regular household chores, this can keep things moving forward thanks to teamwork. Get your partner, spouse, kids or roommates in on the action.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.