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Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale, chief of plastic surgery at Infinity Life Center, says:


“For the last four years, I have suffered from a severe skin disorder, which I had never heard of until my dermatologist made the diagnosis. I had searched for treatments in journals, scientific papers and spoke with many dermatologists. I tried everything from steroid injections, surgery and even antidepressants, as it is thought it may be from a nervous condition.

“This went on for three years, but nothing worked. One day, I was approached by a friend who was promoting a water-purification device and mentioned some people had their acne reduced. I told him about my skin condition, and he said, ‘Maybe this will work.’ So, they agreed to install the device in my home.

“The device was installed and checked for proper function. I really did not do anything different: took my shower, washed my arms and hands, and so forth, as usual. No treatments, no creams. I had given up and just decided to wear long sleeves (since it mainly affected my arms).


“Well, to my surprise, I noticed the skin on my arms starting to clear up. At first, I noticed a decrease in the skin nodules and sores. Within three months of using this unique water filter, I noticed they were 99 percent gone.

“If you suffer from such skin conditions like prurigo nodularis or eczema, this may be worth a try. The water tastes pretty good, and it’s nice to know that insecticides, some harmful minerals and other toxins are removed as well.

“Oh, and there is one more side effect I noticed: my glass shower no longer has water spots like it once did, which were so difficult to remove. That in and of itself has made it worth it to use this device.”

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