Living in Hawaii offers us some of the nicest views in the world. You may have purchased your home because of the view it offered. But along with its beauty, Hawaii has an environment that is very tough on building materials, including windows. Surrounded by salt water, we have some of the highest levels of salt in our atmosphere, as well as very strong ultraviolet light. Consequently, these corrosive factors can destroy some types of building materials (see images).

Over 90 percent of the windows installed in Hawaii are manufactured in the mainland. The advantage is that we can generally get a higher-quality window for a better price. The downside is that most mainland manufacturers do not account for the conditions we have here regarding the effects of salt and UV light. Some window brands will offer stainless steel for certain parts of the window at an additional cost, but when you check the warranty for these products, you’ll see that many consider Hawaii a “corrosive environment” and will not cover damage to the windows caused by corrosion.


The effects of corrosion is not limited to external hard ware or screens. The majority of windows manufactured today are dual pane with a coating that helps to reduce ultraviolet light and transmission of heat into the home.

The spacer is the element that keeps the two panes apart is usually made of metal. Again, this works well in most parts of the mainland, but in Hawaii this becomes a liability. Over time, salt will corrode this metal spacer, causing fogging or mold between the panes (see images). This is not an isolated example. We are inspecting homes each week with this type of fogging and damage on homes less than 10 years old.

In addition to the hardware, the vinyl frames used for most windows and doors today are also subject to weathering in Hawaii. The high UV light can cause vinyl to deteriorate or powder.


So, what is the solution? Diamond Head Windows is proud to carry the Amerimax line of windows and sliding doors. We use this product because the manufacturer builds it for Hawaii’s environment and backs it up with an extensive warranty.

Spacers — The Amerimax window uses a rubber compound instead of metal. The result is windows that remain clear with no mold or fogging. The window has a double lifetime warranty that includes screens, hardware, fogging and accidental glass breakage for as long as you own your home and is transferable if you ever sell or pass the home along. Your home can be on the ocean and still have full coverage unlike the 2-mile limit most brands employ.

Frames — The Amerimax windows and doors lifetime warranties also cover the frames themselves if they were ever to fade, crack, powder or peel.


If it’s time to improve your view as well as comfort and security in your home, call us for a free evaluation, consultation and estimate for replacement. Our pricing is very competitive and we offer a variety of finance options, including 0 percent interest with no money down.

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