The term “stone fusion technology” sounds like it might involve a reactor and particle physics. In reality, however, the process is used to manufacture one of the toughest flooring materials ever made.

“Stone plastic composite (SPC) rigid flooring is stronger and has fewer deformations than standard wood composite core flooring,” says Wen Cao, partner and co-owner of H & C Flooring and Stone. “It’s water-resistant, and, of course, it’s a lot more scratch-resistant than solid wood. There’s a lot of benefit.”


Considered an upgraded version of engineered vinyl flooring, SPC rigid flooring has a core layer made from a “fusion” of stone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers. Additionally, it’s budget-friendly and easily maintained.

“This type of flooring is click-system,” explains Cao. “That means the connection between two planks doesn’t trap dirt easily. Maintenance is simple and quick!”

H & C Flooring and Stone stocks more than two dozen gorgeous shades of lovely rigid plank flooring. It’s available in hardwood hues like antique white oak, ivory walnut, golden white walnut and light wheat oak, among others. Each plank is 4 feet by 9 inches, for maximum coverage in the shortest time. This hardy flooring material can be used in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, and may be placed over cement, granite, tile and other flat subfloors.


“The click system makes for really easy installation,” Cao says. “The affordability, durability and appearance of vinyl plank flooring make it a great option for busy spaces, and you can avoid the cost of real wood or tile.” H & C also sells moulding and baseboards that match the planks. “You don’t have to worry about making construction runs halfway through the job; all our material is in stock,” Cao adds.

If you’d prefer to leave the job to the professionals, H & C Flooring and Stone can help. The company offers free estimates and installation for customers who don’t have a contractor. “Homeowners can even bring in their project’s dimensions, and we’ll provide a quote,” Cao says. “We have a four-man crew with many years of experience. They also do whole-house renovations.”

Handsome and affordable, the vinyl flooring adds luxury and character to any room. “We do have specials right now; some of the flooring is on sale for as low as $1.79 per square foot, and it’s pretty decent quality,” says Cao.


The company’s Kokea Center showroom remains open, and H & C is doing its best to promote safety for both staff and customers. “We’re doing temperature checks for everybody who comes in, and we require masks for protection,” says Cao.

And remember, H & C doesn’t just sell vinyl flooring. “We have solid wood flooring; limestone flagstone for exteriors, gardens and decks; and six different styles of glass shower doors,” says Cao. “We also display 50 different types of porcelain tile for our partner companies.”

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