“Why do I need to clean my roof?” This is a question that most people ask when it comes to taking care of their home. Instead of replacing your roof, sometimes all you need is a good cleaning that removes the mold and mildew that causes your roof to look old and weathered.

With Hawaii’s humidity and moisture, your roof can become infested with mold quicker than in most other states. Cleaning your roof prolongs its life span and eliminates potential damages associated with mold and mildew. Protect your investment and keep your roof and home clean with our soft washing process. With low pressure and 100 percent mold kill mixture, you can rest assured no damage will be done — unlike pressure washing. Our soft wash process can clean all types of roofs. The process uses a mixture of sodium hypochlorite and a proprietary blend of biodegradable soaps — all while using less than 1,000 psi, assuring no damage to your roof and home.

Ohana Softwash and Exterior Cleaning LLC is here to make sure your roof and home are cleaned properly and effectively. We pride ourselves in quality over quantity, and are always taking the proper steps to make sure the homeowner and their homes are covered. We specialize in soft washing, but we also can take care of your pressure washing needs, too. Our ohana has years of experience, ensuring that your home or commercial property will be well taken care of. With 2020 coming to an end, what better way to start off the new year than with a clean home and great curb appeal? Book your free estimate and let us clean your worries away! Call 389-6861 or visit ohanasoftwashandexteriorcleaning.com.

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