We have all heard the stories of people being scammed or taken advantage of by dishonest or incompetent contractors. How you validate a company should be a serious priority when choosing a service provider. You are not only looking for quality work, but you also need a company that will not be putting you in jeopardy of lawsuits or damaging your property. As the originator and leading softwash roof and exterior cleaning company on Oahu, Envirowash Hawaii would like to provide you with some help in this area.

When vetting a company, the first thing to look into is whether they are a registered business with the state of Hawaii and how long they have been in business. If they are not registered, you should immediately move on. Remember, you are entrusting this company with perhaps your largest investment, so you should question their experience. Then, it is important to verify that they are properly insured. A credible company policy should range between $1 million and $2 million in coverage. This protects you against any damages caused by the contractor other than unforeseen damages. The next step, which is equally as critical, is ensuring that they carry the proper workers comp policy. Workers comp as it relates to a roof and exterior cleaning company is critical to protecting the property owner from lawsuits. If a company does not possess the proper workers compensation and someone gets injured, there is a great possibility that their attorneys will seek restitution from the property owner. (Many roof and exterior cleaning companies are not carrying the proper coverage, as the cost between coverage that includes working at heights above 6 feet and working only on the ground can be as much as two or three times higher.)


Once these three steps have been confirmed, it is time to vet the credibility of the company. You should feel confident in your contractor, so ask them if they have any certifications or advanced training. The typical review sites are a great starting point, but ask for verifiable references. A pro tip for reference requesting would be to ask for references from entities that are hesitant about having their names attached to referrals. Realtors, property management companies, municipalities and private schools are good examples of this.

Once you have gotten this far, you should feel much more confident that you can make the best choice for the protection of you and your home.

Mike Wedge, the owner of Envirowash Hawaii, states, “Although this article relates to roof and exterior cleaning, these steps should be considered when hiring any contractor or service provider. If you need help or have any questions related to this topic or you are just looking to have anything on your home cleaned, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 313-9000.”


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