It may seem hard to believe, but your home really can save you money.

HK Construction, a fourth-generation company in Hawaii, is known for its quality renovations, new constructions, rebuilds and accessory dwelling units (also known as ADUs or ohana housing). For every project it undertakes, the HK team carefully guides homeowners through the many decisions that need to be made, providing smart options to save you money for years to come.


In this second article in a series on “high-performance homes,” HK Construction shares some key insights that every homeowner should consider when beginning a home construction project.

Everyone agrees, “We get what we pay for.” Selecting quality, long-lasting materials that are best suited to our island climate is certainly one of the wisest choices that can be made. HK Construction understands the unique challenges that our salty island breezes pose to our treasured investments. Wise choices made today about everything from lumber and steel to flooring and paint ensures durability and minimal maintenance requirements down the road.

Homeowners can also keep more money in their pockets each month through energy efficiency. Improved insulation, weatherstripping, moisture management, cooling and heating systems, whole-house fans/ ventilation, appliances and lighting are just a few ways that you can boost energy efficiency and see lower, more predictable monthly utility bills.


When Kona winds blow and temperatures rise, many turn to air conditioning to cool down. A “continuous building envelope” — consisting of the components that separate the interior of a home from the outside environment — must be tightly sealed to ensure maximum energy efficiency to keep those electric bills down. The highly experienced design-build specialists at HK Construction build all aspects of your home — those visible and those behind the walls — with long-term benefits in mind.

Kitchen and bath remodels are also a great way to increase the value of any home, putting extra money in your pocket should you later decide to sell. HK kitchen and bath specialists have years of experience at transforming ordinary kitchens and baths into high-performing, contemporary spaces within a home. Since HK Construction can both design and build your home, you can count on a seamless experience that spans the entire process. Without the usual handoff that is required between a design team and the builders, the company ensures that everyone is on the same page from day one.

No matter what project you are considering, selecting HK Construction to tackle your job is a smart choice. They are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company that has been consistently voted Best Construction Company by Honolulu Star-Advertiser readers.


You’re invited to attend one of HK Construction’s free design-build seminars to learn more about making your dream home or remodel project a reality. Seminars will be held Sept. 9 and 10 at 6:30 p.m. at its Honolulu office. For your safety, seating is limited and HK Construction follows strict cleanliness and social distancing practices. Registration required; no walk-ins allowed. Sign up today at

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