Hawaii homeowners, are you thinking of remodeling? Are you at a loss of how and where to start?

First, is your project a full remodel or a smaller job like replacing siding, windows or roofing, or a kitchen or bathroom remodel? Or, is it even smaller repairs?


You know you want to get a good price with good quality products and workmanship. Well, that’s being akamai. In this world of hyperinflation, who knows what is a reasonable price or what is a rip-off. I called Matt, the owner of Tropical. Matt is a general contractor, as well as a plumbing contractor, with a lot of other specialty contractor licenses. This is what he recommended on how to be akamai when remodeling your home.

First, do the basics. Make sure your contractor has a contractor’s license. Make sure the license is his company’s license. Make sure the license is current, not one they are borrowing or referring to do their work through an illegal agreement. It is illegal to contract without a contractor’s license.

Note this year by Sept. 30, all contractors are required to relicense, so check on all contractor licenses and make sure they match the company you are dealing with.


Second, it’s normally a good rule not to pick a first-timer. That is not set in stone, but if you have a guy who has 40 years of experience and someone who has six months, you most likely want the experienced contractor. For example, Tropical has over 20,000 satisfied customers over the last 60 years in Hawaii. That’s a sure bet.

Third, make sure you have no reservations about the company you are dealing with. The company or the company representative would not be contracting the job if the company didn’t make a profit. So, if it’s too good to be true, it’s not true. Don’t be pressured into making a quick decision because the sale ends today. Tropical will never rush you.

Fourth, I always say “buy local.” Why do that? First, Hawaii is unique and not like the mainland. This adds up to my recommendation of local contractors who have worked in Hawaii on Hawaii homes. Plus, local contractors are from Hawaii and live in Hawaii. I think this helps them take more pride in their work. Having aloha for Hawaii is a big motivator. For these reasons, I have found over 40-plus years in Hawaii contracting that “buying local” is being akamai.


Lastly, Tropical wants to remind all our 20,000-plus customers that if they need advice, and even if we at Tropical can’t do the job, call us and we will point you in the right direction. If we can help, we will always be akamai if you choose us to remodel your home again. And, for new customers, if you want to join our hui, call Tropical at 593-2000. Tropical is the home where “Vinyl is Final.”

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