“The time has come to fix my home, so I have decided to install vinyl windows and vinyl siding to my home. After doing all the research on my computer about lifetime maintenance-free products, it seems vinyl products are what the majority of experts recommend. So, where do I start? I know no one in the business. I have asked friends and relatives, and no one knows anyone either. So what do I do?”

These are typical thoughts of homeowners trying to pick a company to improve their home. So, how do homeowners choose? How can I be akamai and get quality products with a good company, job and warranty?


That’s when we went to Matt and Mike, the owners of Tropical in Honolulu. Tropical is the oldest vinyl window and vinyl siding company in Hawaii. With roots going back to 1961, “Vinyl is final.” With almost 60 years of experience in Hawaii only, Tropical is the expert in the local window and siding business in Hawaii. Let’s get our answers from them.

• Where do I start? Mike Houar, the vice president at Tropical responded, “Simple. Make sure all contractors are licensed, bonded and insured in the company name. These are the bare minimum requirements. Also, it’s always good to talk to the company owner before purchasing window and siding products.

This way, you get the info on what to expect. A lot of companies send salesmen on estimates who will say almost anything to make a commission while being sketchy and evasive about the job and products. Then, when it’s time to install, everything you thought was included is a extra charge. This is unfortunate, but reality. So, before ordering, be akamai by wanting to talk to the boss to clarify exactly what you’re getting.”


• How do I choose a company? Matt Houar the president of Tropical said, “Make sure the company has been in business in Hawaii at least 10-15 years. I have been in this business 45 years only in Hawaii, and in my 45 years, I have seen hundreds of companies go out of business. Best to go with a locally owned and operated Hawaii company. Because, if you are purchasing a lifetime warranted product, you may want to choose a company that will be around when you need them.”

• What do I look for in the product and installation area of my project ? Mike, vice president of Tropical said, “First, look out for shortcut window installation techniques, such as retrofit. If you hear the word retrofit, this is a common shortcut window installation technique and red flag, so beware. And, if a company suggests different window and siding grades beware also. At Tropical, we only use top-grade products, and we are almost always 30-plus percent cheaper than the competitors. Remember if ‘it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.’ There is no once in a lifetime deal.”

As we have learned, it’s not easy being akamai when deciding to purchase vinyl window and vinyl siding products for your home, but the best tip I can give you after going over the basics with the owners of Tropical is call Tropical for a free estimate at 593-2000 or go to the showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St. and see the difference correct installation and the right products can can make. And, if you can save up to 30 percent and have the best products and installation, Tropical sounds good to me.

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