Hawaii homeowners are often frustrated by a lack of cooling options for our local homes. A common joke heard these days is that with a warming climate, the only two choices are between air conditioning and suffering. Serious homeowners ask, “Is it possible to cool my home without AC?”

Paul Lopes was determined to rid his home of heat. This Ewa Beach homeowner thought that putting in AC for his upstairs would let him sleep later after his shifts and get rid of the humidity.

Unfortunately, AC also meant keeping the windows closed. This made his home hot and stuffy no matter the time of day.

“It was inconvenient to say the least,” Lopes said. “Even when the weather was cooler, we were forced to run two AC units all day and every night.”


Fortunately, Lopes found his answer with Island Cooling. This Windward Oahu business, run by brothers Ivan and Al Whitworth, has become known for the company’s experience in energy-efficient home cooling and working with builders, electricians and homeowners. The company’s QuietCool system ventilates a home by drawing the heat out of the house and pulling in air from any open window or door. Installed in the attic, QuietCool uses less than 10 percent of the energy of competitive products and lets homeowners choose to keep fresh air flowing through the home.

“I contacted Island Cooling and they explained in detail the process and how the system worked,” Lopes said. “Installation was scheduled and completed very quickly, in less than a day, and with no hangups on Island Cooling’s part.”

“So often, our homes are uncomfortable because there’s a lot of heat trapped inside,” said Ivan, Island Cooling co-owner. “This system doesn’t refrigerate air, but even in hot areas like West Oahu, QuietCool helps homeowners enjoy a cooler, more comfortable life.”

Lopes agreed, saying, “It keeps the house cool with minimal electricity. Previously it was unbearable to be upstairs later than 10 a.m. unless the AC was running. Now, I am able to sleep till noon comfortably after pulling overnight shifts. It’s a great product and great service. There’s not much more I could ask for.”

Debbie is a Kailua homeowner who thought that buying a new house meant getting a cooler home.


“I leave my windows open all the time but I still didn’t get enough circulation,” she said. Prior to purchasing an AC unit, she invited Island Cooling to inspect her home to see how it could be improved.

“Hot air wants to go up and out of the home,” said Al, “but it gets trapped in our home and attics by blocked vents and solar fans that don’t work. We may tolerate it in the cooler months, but sure notice it come summertime.”

The solution for Debbie was QuietCool installed in her bedrooms and upstairs living area, along with the addition of venting for her home to make up for the vents that had been blocked.

“With QuietCool circulating air, my home is breezier and fresh,” Debbie explained. “This summer is going to be a lot more comfortable.”

Island Cooling is Hawaii’s natural ventilation expert and distributor of QuietCool systems. For more information, visit islandcooling.com or call 672-2300.

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