In 1961, the first vinyl products of any kind arrived in Hawaii. That was vinyl siding and with that emerged the slogan “Vinyl is final.” I was 4 years old then, and Uncle Bud Shasteen and my father were selling vinyl siding. Most people thought they were crazy saying vinyl was the future. Back then, it was asbestos, aluminum, steel and masonite siding.

But today, there is only vinyl siding. Just like the people who thought computers would never take off, the same people doubted vinyl products.


Well, today, vinyl products are king. They have proven the test of time. In the Hawaii residential market, vinyl products dominate. There have been many products that have tried, but they have all failed. Meanwhile, vinyl siding and vinyl windows are proven products in Hawaii. This just proves the good old Hawaii slogan “Vinyl is final.”

Some people ask where they can get vinyl products for their homes today. They know it’s a good product not only for siding but also for windows. Well, here are the best tips on finding the best vinyl products and installation of vinyl products in Hawaii.

Call Tropical Windows and Siding where “Vinyl is still final.” Tropical is the same company and has the same products my father and Uncle Bud sold from 1961. Tropical now has 20,000-plus Hawaii customers with more added every year. Tropical has sold more vinyl siding and vinyl windows than all other Hawaii companies put together. I always say that if you are going to buy a lifetime product, you should pick a company that will be here to warrant and service your lifetime products. Tropical will be 60 years old next year, and with my youngest son Mike, it looks like Tropical will be here for many more years for Hawaii. So, here are a few more reasons to call Mike or myself at Tropical.


First, Tropical is the only locally owned and operated vinyl siding and vinyl window company in Hawaii — remember “buy local.” This ensures all Hawaii dollars stay in Hawaii, which supports Hawaii’s economy.

Second, Tropical has the very best vinyl window and siding products money can buy. Because of Tropical’s volume purchasing, Hawaii homeowners get the best products with the best warranties at the lowest prices. They also get the oldest company with the best credentials and experience to do the installation.

Third, all installers at Tropical are local boys who understand the unique Hawaii building techniques, and know how to respect local people and their homes. All boys are factory-trained for installation and trained in fall protection, CPR and safety measures due to the current coronavirus pandemic.


Lastly, Tropical’s owners Mike and myself are always available to meet your needs. Tropical is a licensed general contractor that is bonded and insured on every job. With over 20,000 satisfied customers in Hawaii, Tropical is the exception to the rule. Most home improvement companies don’t make 10 years, let alone 60 like Tropical.

So, now that you are working on your home instead of spending your money going to Vegas. A safe bet is to call Tropical or come to our showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St. and buy local. The oldest vinyl siding and vinyl window company in Hawaii where “Vinyl is still final.”

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