We are all spending more time in our homes — in some cases we are now working from home, too — and this change has afforded us the time to complete projects that we didn’t have time for before. In any case, your home is probably one of the biggest assets you have. In Hawaii, homes typically increase in value the longer you own it, unlike most other items you purchase.

Now may be the right time for you to make home improvements that you have been putting off.

Every year, there is a national report that gives the average cost for home improvements, both nationally and in Hawaii, called “Cost vs. Value.” (You can download the report for free after a quick search online.)

You will find that year after year, vinyl energy-efficient replacement windows rank in the top 10 percent of improvements you can make where the value added to your home is greater than the cost.

The Amerimax window system is a top-rated window and sliding door manufacturer with the features you need in Hawaii to combat the heat, salt and moisture. Basically, you can help keep your home more comfortable, secure, attractive and energy-efficient.


In addition, Amerimax windows carry a double lifetime warranty (meaning it can be transferred to a new owner) that includes screens, hardware, frames and glass — even if you live within 2 miles of the ocean. Amerimax also has a lifetime accidental glass breakage warranty.

You can order windows that specialize in reducing sound and that can withstand hurricane winds of up to 200 mph, and they are custom-made in a variety of styles to fit your exact needs.

Diamond Head Windows also has a lifetime warranty on the installation should the window ever leak.

Our lead time is normally about 12-14 weeks from signing up to completed installation. That means if you act now, we can get your windows installed this summer before it gets too hot.

The Amerimax window system will save you a third on your electrical bill (cooling cost) each month compared to jalousie or single-pane windows. They will also keep your home much cooler in the summer without AC by blocking the majority of radiant heat and blocking 95 percent of damaging ultraviolet light.

In order to help homeowners make these improvements in these uncertain times, we have linked with lenders who can offer a variety of finance plans to make these improvements affordable. This includes no money down and 0 percent interest for up to 60 months, or plans where you can make no payments for 18 months.


We carry a variety of window manufacturers to meet your needs and budget. We have experience with every brand of window installed on this island, and can give you the pros and cons of each to make your decision easier.

We don’t subcontract. Our windows are installed by our own local crews who have years of experience installing windows in Hawaii.

Take this opportunity to upgrade your home with our quality products, installation and finance plans.

Call today for a free estimate. We can inspect your home using social distancing or give you an estimate online. Our estimates and consultations are always free, and we service all of Oahu.

We are locally owned and operated with over 32 years of experience installing windows.

Diamond Head Windows … the more you know about windows, the better we look.


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