An interview with Mark McKinstry, co-owner of Diamond Head Windows

We’re now halfway through 2020, which has been an interesting year to say the least. How has your business been affected?

MM: March was a crazy month for all of us. Many of our potential customers wanted to get new windows for their home, but were unsure of the status of their jobs, if their tenants going to pay rent, how long we would be in lockdown mode. We took precautions with our installers and staff to ensure everyone stayed healthy. Since then, we’ve seen a surge in business, with over a million dollars in sales last month, so that has been encouraging.

That’s amazing. What do you attribute the increased demand to?

MM: We have a premium product with one of the best warranties in the islands, so that has kept us expanding. We do a sale twice a year (buy one, get one free), which normally does very well for us. I think many of us used our time at home to get projects done and maybe survey the state of our homes with the wear and tear that living in Hawaii brings. Many people are now looking at their house in an expanded role, acting as a school for the kids and an “at home” workplace. So many people are looking to invest in their homes to make it more comfortable and secure, which installing quality energy-efficient windows provides. Perhaps many have taken funds that they would normally use on travel or entertainment and are investing that.

Do you see that as a short-term situation or longer term?

MM: While we all hope to see COVID-based restrictions going away in hopefully the near future, I think there has been a shift in how people do business and that we will see more people working from home, commuting less.

Exactly. If you were advising home owners as to the best investment for their home, what would you recommend?

MM: For most people, their home is probably their biggest asset. It is one of the few things that you purchase that goes up in value the older it gets. So, besides making improvements that best suit your needs, there is also a financial consideration of making the most of your biggest asset. There is a study done each year called “Cost vs. Value” published by Hanley Wood. This study takes various home improvements like kitchen remodel or roof replacement. It breaks down average costs for each project in the mainland, as well as Oahu, for comparison. It also calculates the return on investment, so you can see how each would increase the overall value of your home. Replacing old windows with new energy-efficient vinyl windows is usually in the top five in terms of return on investment. Our Amerimax window has a double lifetime warranty that includes screens, hardware, accidental glass breakage and leakage for as long as you own your home. It can be transferred to the new owner if you sell or pass it along to a family member. So, once installed, you don’t have to worry about replacing your windows again, or paying to service them.

How can people get that study?

MM: Just Google “Cost vs. Value.” The publisher is Hanley Wood. It is free to download.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

MM: I’d just encourage people to take advantage of our sale to get windows replaced. We have a variety of finance programs, including 0 percent interest and long-term financing to keep the monthly payments low. Take advantage of the opportunity. It appears that the BIA Home Building & Remodeling Show will not be occurring this August. We welcome those interested in finding out more to contact us for a free in-home consultation and estimate, or to visit our showroom. We are open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Mondays-Fridays, and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays.

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