The year 2020 has been unlike any other, and while so many of us have had to deal with upheaval and uncertainty, one thing has remained the same … the importance of and the need for solar energy. In 2020, it’s more important than ever to make sure you are picking the right company when deciding to invest in a solar system.

What sets RevoluSun apart from others? It begins with its approach to system design.

What is a solar system?


RevoluSun believes it’s a combination of just a few important elements — the parts and products, the people, and the overall “health” of the business.

When you think of a solar system, you probably think about the physical materials, such as racking, panels, inverters, software and batteries. Some contractors may choose one specific product over others but, at the end of the day, all these products are relatively similar.

When RevoluSun designs your “system,” it offers the very best in products and installation. That quality extends throughout entire organization of 120 men and women who make up RevoluSun and work to ensure the health of the business and satisfaction of customers.

• Products: RevoluSun is a solar industry veteran and has deep relationships with the best manufacturers in the world. The company is routinely asked to advise on product development from a number of solar manufacturers.


• People: RevoluSun has created an environment of innovation, which attracts the best and brightest in the solar industry. From the solar design team and Project Ambassadors, to installation experts and NABCEP-certified technicians, an excellent team is put into place. Consequently, RevoluSun routinely gets applications from around the world.

• Healthy business: This July, RevoluSun celebrates 11 years in business! Founded in Honolulu, it also operates in two other states. Revolusun has the largest residential HVAC division in Hawaii, and its roofing division grows twofold every year.

Why is this important for you? The company’s deep involvement in the manufacturing industry ensures it can provide the best products for your home; its talented team provides the very best in installation and customer service; and its diversification, longevity and growth makes them a very healthy business.

The “boom days” of solar are over, and along with them are literally hundreds of solar companies that have gone out of business. The trend is continuing as two large local solar businesses have closed their doors this year. (See more about this trend in the sidebar above.)


Not only has Revolu-Sun survived while others couldn’t, but it is also celebrating 11 years of building cleaner and smarter solar communities. RevoluSun has prospered by remaining true to the business, providing services at a fair and reasonable price, and providing the support infrastructure long after your installation is completed.


There are roughly 30,000 PV systems installed on rooftops where the contractor has gone out of business. Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars on a PV system and it stops working — and there’s no one there to help you.

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