For the last few months Hawaii homeowners have been staying home more than they have their whole life. During this time, homeowners have noticed all the flaws at home because they are home all day. One vital area in a home is windows. Window issues that become noticeable are ventilation, function, view and security. All these window issues are not important until homeowners are home, and its 90 degrees, and the windows are all stuck and broken and dirty. Then, it’s time to buy windows.

So, when buying windows in Hawaii the key is to “buy local.”

Why buy local? Well, we all have heard the saying, “When in Rome be like the Romans.” Well, you’re not in Rome, but you are in Hawaii. Because you are in Hawaii, who would know better than the locals? And the locals will best know how to deal with Hawaii’s window issues.

First, who are the locals? The only locally owned and operated Hawaii window company is Tropical Windows and Siding Inc. Tropical is the first company to bring vinyl products to Hawaii. Its roots go back to 1961, and the slogan was, “Vinyl is final.” Tropical was also the first company to bring vinyl windows to Hawaii in 1978. So, at Tropical, vinyl is final. With over 20,000-plus Hawaii-only customers, Tropical has the local knowledge for Hawaii homes. So, if you don’t know where to start, call Tropical. Tropical has the answers and the know-how to get the best windows installed for Hawaiian homes. Here are a few of Tropical’s qualifications:


1) Tropical is a general contractor with a local staff of more than 30 people; no subcontractors.

2) Tropical is fully insured and bonded on every project.

3) Tropical has the best window and siding showroom in Hawaii at 1351 S. Beretania St.

4 ) Tropical has a window specifically designed to withstand Hawaii’s salt air and hurricane conditions.

5) Tropical will be 60 years old next year, and is the oldest window and siding company in Hawaii.


6) Tropical offers full lifetime warranties on windows, hardware and a voluntary lifetime workmanship warranty.

7) Tropical is the local window and siding Hawaii company.

These are just a few good reasons to call Tropical. If you think about it, any project over $1,000 should warrant an expert opinion. There are a lot of window companies that come and go. In fact, when speaking with Matt and Mike, Tropical’s owners, said: “In the last 45 years we have watched almost 100 contractors in the window and siding business fail in Hawaii.

After promising the greatest warranties and the best service, they have all went bankrupt — mostly mainland-owned and -operated companies that just come and in a few years are gone, leaving Hawaii consumers what is commonly know as ‘holding the bag.'”

If it’s time to consider vinyl windows or siding for you home, remember the key is to buy local!


Call Tropical or check out the products at the showroom, which is open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays-Fridays, and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays.

CONTACT 593-2000