Graham Builders sets its bar high. With nearly three decades of experience, this design-build firm has developed methods and practices that go above and beyond industry standards and code requirements. These methods have proven to increase a house’s longevity, lowering utility and maintenance costs while retaining comfort, function and efficiency.

Commitment to quality begins in the design room.

“We’re very different from other design-build firms in that we have architectural designers on staff who meet directly with homeowners,” says Ryan Graham, vice president of operations for the family-owned and -operated company. “We believe good construction can never make up for poor design, so we aren’t shy about investing in the design component of our projects.”


Once plans are complete and the firm has obtained proper permit approval, construction begins. Many properties on Oahu have soil and slope issues, making experienced foundation work critical. As a matter of routine, Graham Builders exceeds engineered specifications. Retaining walls are constructed away from house walls, eliminating hydrostatic pressure against the structure. This also prevents moisture seepage and subsequent termite and pest infestation.

Spaces inside residences are built for easy circulation.

“This doesn’t mean homeowners need larger houses,” Graham explains. “This means smarter design. Hallways, doorways and staircases are wider. Shared living spaces are built for comfortable living, cohesiveness and proportion.”

Other standard Graham Builders’ touches include wooden interior baseboards instead of vinyl coving. Windows have wood sills and aprons that increase durability while making rooms look more finished.


“We also use aluminum-backed roofing plywood that reflects up to 97 percent of the sun’s radiant heat,” says Graham. “It’s an easy, cost-effective way to create a more comfortable environment.”

Radiant barriers can reduce energy consumption by up to 35 percent at the peak of summer.

Graham Builders’ craftsmanship and culture makes the firm a leader in a crowded field.

Since 1990, Graham Builders has helped hundreds of Hawaii families with the design and construction of functional, beautiful new homes and renovations. With a focus on multigenerational households, the design-build firm is a recipient of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Business Ethics. Visit Graham Builders’ large library of projects at or call 534-7858 to schedule a complimentary meeting.

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