Electricity — we can’t see it, but we all pay for and need it. When you’re renovating on a shoestring, considering how your space uses electricity can be one of most important cost-cutting measures you take.

Whether it’s lighting or an air conditioning system, choosing LEDs and other efficient versions of products will reduce energy waste anywhere between 10 and 75 percent over their lifetime (as compared to non-efficient products), which means you’ll reap the benefits of a lower electric bill for years to come — way beyond your initial investment.

These days, you don’t have to sacrifice style or function either. Energy-saving technology often comes built into state-ofthe-art water heating systems, kitchen appliances and temperature controls. Quickly search the Energy Star website and you may be surprised at how many products have an efficient version.


Perhaps the biggest cherry on top is that Hawaii Energy — the state’s energy conservation program — offers a wide variety of rebates and retail discount programs that help make energy-efficient purchases more affordable. The program is funded through a surcharge on electric bills, so you may as well take advantage of what you’ve earned.

Here’s just a few of their current offers*: • Solar water heating — up to $1,500 rebate per new system • Central AC retrofit — up to $1,500 rebate per new system • Split AC — up to $350 rebate per new system • Window AC — $50 toward a new Energy Star model; $100 if trading in your old unit • Whole-house fan — $150 rebate per fan • Refrigerators — $100 toward a new Energy Star model; $250 if trading in your old unit • Pool pump — $250 toward a new Energy Star model.

Additionally, if tackling air conditioning or water heater maintenance is on your list this summer, you may qualify for discounts provided through one of their participating contractors. For a full list of rebates and to learn more, visit hawaiienergy.com/rebates. Or, call 537-5577 on Oahu, or toll free 877-231-8222.

*Eligibility requirements differ by product and program. Subject to all Hawaii Energy terms and conditions.

CONTACT 537-5577 (Oahu) • 877-231-8222 (toll free)
WEB hawaiienergy.com/rebates