The folks at Windows Hawaii would like to wish all the moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day. While this year’s celebration might be done a little differently than others due to stay-at-home laws, that doesn’t mean we can’t show Mom appreciation in other forms.

Whether as a treat to yourself or as a gift to the special woman in your life, this is an ideal time to turn the longawaited home upgrades into reality — even more so now that residents are spending so much time at home. If windows and siding are on the list, look no further than Windows Hawaii. Not only do new windows and siding add renewed protection to a dwelling, but they also boost curb appeal and up a home’s value.


The company’s Alii Extreme windows and doors product line and its Celect siding adds durability as well as greater energy efficiency to a household.

Alii Extreme windows and doors can withstand winds of up to 120 mph, reduces up to 50 percent of outside noise and has three weather strips per window (sliders), which triples the protection against moisture, dirt, noise, bacteria, mold and mildew thanks to the antimicrobial treatment. It also includes a next-generation high-performance glazing system, Infinite-Plus. It comes with a triple-layer silver coating, reducing the amount of solar heat entering a dwelling; and a permanent easy-clean coating and uses the sun’s UV rays to breakdown dirt, which in turn, keeps windows cleaner longer.

“What we notice now is our A/C system is much more efficient,” said customers Reuben and Roberta Song. “With the new windows in, it’s way more energy efficient and the noise from the outside was reduced — our house gets windy because we’re on a hill. I recommended them to a lot of my friends who are thinking of getting new windows.”


As for Windows Hawaii’s Celect siding, it’s another home run for residents. Celect is a premium cellular composite siding skillfully engineered and manufactured by Royal Building Products. Celect has the appearance of wood with a low-gloss finish in 15 different colors.

The product has superior strength-to-weight ratio and locks together like a puzzle, so there is no need to worry about filling in the gaps. Since it is made from sustainable components, it resists moisture and is warrantied to never warp, buckle or shift, unlike real wood or cement. The material is lowmaintenance, reduces worry about termites and keeps the home cooler, saving homeowners money.

Nancy Beggin is another satisfied customer and became the envy of her neighborhood after installing Celect.


“It was so funny because I actually had people coming up to me asking if I was going to sell my house,” she chuckled. (Of course, Beggin told the inquirers that her house was not for sale.) “I’m really, really pleased. It’s beautiful and a huge improvement. (Even) my friend drove by and said, ‘You have a new house!’”

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