The current COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry. It’s impacted how we eat, how kids learn, how we travel, and how we deal with finances, or lack thereof. However, there will still be a lot of people whose finances are in a steadier position than others, particularly if they had made the decision to Bitcoins kaufen (buy bitcoins) to add to and diversify your investment portfolio when the time was right.

Though many are experiencing the financial strains that come with the coronavirus, many people who diversified their investments and didn’t just rely on money are doing better than most other people. For example, those who use an australian stock market app and have managed their finances and investments through the pandemic have been able to maintain or even grow their finances. Plus, clients who have been a part of the Tardus Wealth Strategies program have been doing well. Here are three testimonials from local homeowners, who share how the Tardus program worked for them.

HOMEOWNERS: Joseph and Melissa Casale OCCUPATION: Self-employed real estate professionals. Joe also co-hosts podcast Veterans Voices with Joe and SteveO.

BACKGROUND: Joe and Melissa are from the East Coast and met on a snowboarding trip in 2003. Joe, a retired U.S. Navy commander, had been assigned to Pearl Harbor in 2005, which brought the newlyweds to Hawaii that year. They learned about Tardus in 2016 from a mutual friend.

WHY CHOOSE TARDUS? What Tardus provided was an alternative investment strategy that appealed to both of us. Neither Melissa nor I like to have our money tied up in the stock market. We prefer real property. When we were introduced to Tardus in 2016, we realized that their income snowball strategy added to and increased the rate at which we could look at alternative investment strategies and continue to purchase real property. When the pandemic hit in March, we had the majority of our investments in real property and cash flow businesses.

HOW CAN TARDUS HELP OTHER HOMEOWNERS? There are numerous diverse strategies that Tardus can use to help homeowners that are seeing financial issues. Our biggest advantage was that we had four years of run time with Tardus and our income snowball before the pandemic hit. But for someone that is just getting started with Tardus now, they may be able to take advantage of mortgage payment deferrals or refinancing options that will help them manage their mortgage payments.

TAKEAWAY: The thing that I like about Tardus compared to other financial companies is that the fee structure is straightforward, and I never relinquish control of my money.

I pay Tardus a “coaching” fee, and they analyze and make recommendations on different ways that I can invest – I am responsible for my own investment actions.

HOMEOWNER: Robert Okuda OCCUPATION: Vice president of Okuda Metal Inc.

BACKGROUND: Being a local business owner here in Hawaii, we depend on the construction industry to bring us nonferrous metals.

HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT TARDUS? I first learned of this program about 17 years ago and decided to sign up after becoming a homeowner and paying my mortgage for four years. I didn’t see an end to paying this debt off. This reminded me of the Tardus program, and I immediately became a client. Although I still have a mortgage payment, the “income snowball” provided me with a solution to create more cashflow and pay down debt at the same time.

WHY CHOOSE TARDUS? The thought of creating more cash flow got me excited! What attracted me to Tardus was empowerment. With coaching, they have helped me become 20 times smarter about investments, finances, debt, goal-setting and overall planning. Other than coaching fees, they do not take your money – period! The Tardus program has given me enough knowledge to have an unfair advantage over this “pandemic” economy. It (pandemic) did not give me additional stress.

HOW CAN TARDUS HELP OTHER HOMEOWNERS? Tardus Wealth Strategies will teach you how to play the money game to win. Recently, I have started using cash flow from the “income snowball” to purchase more real estate and, thus, creating another income stream. The price of real estate after COVID-19 pandemic is unpredictable so now is a great time to invest and get a good bang for your buck!

HOMEOWNER: Adrian Villoria OCCUPATION: Mechanic at Pearl Harbor Shipyard BACKGROUND: A local boy born and raised on Oahu, Adrian learned bout the Tardus program from his father Michael Villoria in 2016.

WHY CHOOSE TARDUS? There was something about the Tardus program that was compelling for me. I heard key words like “passive income,” “wealth strategies,” “wealth revolution competition,” “financial freedom,” “pay off mortgage” and “retirement income.” I personally wanted to build passive income to become financially free at an early age and allow more time/freedom with my family.


Many people have been hit financially due to COVID-19. My family was fortunate, as I already had my income snowball established. I wasn’t worried about paying my monthly expenses during quarantine, and through the uncertainty I was able to talk to the wealth coaches at Tardus who helped me through the process.

HOW CAN TARDUS HELP OTHER HOMEOWNERS? I encourage homeowners to take that leap of faith. They have many different strategies that cater to your unique, individual situation. A wealth coach will work with you every month, and help you to stay on track to achieve your personal financial goals. I’m truly blessed to be a Tardus client and part of their wealth community.

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