Getting a good night’s sleep can sometimes be a daunting challenge. If you’re having trouble sleeping, remedy the situation by using your own senses right in your bedroom. Here are three easy and effective tips for using your senses to help contribute to a better night’s sleep and, in turn, bolster your overall well-being:


Try using a white noise machine to mask background sounds, thereby creating a more serene environment.


When used to promote healthy sleep, white noise helps to drown out sounds that might otherwise prevent you from falling asleep or wake you up while asleep.

So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, maybe it’s time to try listening to your senses.


Make sure that you have cozy, quality bedding, which will permeate your sense of touch throughout the night. In a U.S.-based survey conducted by American Down and Feather Council, 70 percent of consumers surveyed who use Down and Feather products agreed they get a better night’s sleep with Down and Feather bedding. Furthermore, 55 percent agreed there are health benefits to sleeping with down and feather products, because they:


• Regulate your body temperature — Down and Feather is a natural material that wicks away moisture and perspiration, allowing it to quickly evaporate rather than trapping it.

• Provide proper support — Down and Feather pillows conform to the body more naturally than many synthetic fibers or foam pillows.

• Offer warmth without weight — Down is nature’s best insulator.



You can sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow. Lavender is associated with lower blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature — all relaxing ingredients for a good night’s sleep. And, as an extra perk, lavender has also been shown to reduce anxiety, which makes it a great essential oil to put on your pillow for those nights when concerns of the day are keeping you awake.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.