Choosing a home is strongly influenced by the layout and appearance of its bathrooms. But no matter how long you’ve lived in your home, there are bound to be improvements you’d love to make. And almost everyone needs options for optimizing bathroom space.

Before remodeling, it’s best to think through your plan. Unless you’re selling your house immediately, don’t make the mistake of considering resale value alone. Take a good look at how you use the room, paying attention to what’s working — and what’s not.

Ask yourself about daily issues that bother you before committing to a major overhaul. Be sure any changes you make will solve your problems or enhance your experience of the room.


If baths are popular in your household, upgrading your tub can have a big impact. For spacious bathrooms, standalone tubs are trending in bathroom design. But for those with limited space, a large tub may not be an option.


If the tub is not used in your home, switching to a high-quality shower setup instead could increase your bathroom’s functionality — and make better use of the space. Today’s choices are customizable and even high-tech, so it’s worth exploring your options.


Unless you have a newer home, chances are you do not have enough storage space — or outlets for all your gadgets. Here are some options for rethinking your storage. • Vanities: Robern’s Cartesian Collection offers customizable options in a range of colors and textures. You can purchase modular units that can be ganged or stacked to fit a variety of spaces, as well as to accommodate existing plumbing.

Their vanity drawers have white shatter-proof glass bottoms that dissipate heat, allowing hot items like hair dryers or curling irons to be stored without fear of leaving heat marks.

You can choose an LED night light feature to illuminate drawer interiors, and in-drawer electrical outlets for powering your electronic grooming gadgets. • Cabinets: For stylish and innovative modular wall cabinet options, the Robern Uplift Tech Collection is designed with a vertically opening door, which you can open as low or as high as needed.

To help you find things even at night, the interior light of the cabinet turns on when the door is opened and shuts off when the door is closed.



Do you find yourself mis-applying makeup, or have trouble putting in contacts or performing other tasks? Do you think you look different in other mirrors than the mirror in your own bathroom?

Having a well-lit, clear mirror makes all the difference. Mirror lighting on cabinets is also a great option.

For additional lighting improvements, consider adding pendant or chandelier lighting, which provides great overhead light without taking up much space.


Consider minor changes to your bathroom that can transform your experience. When was the last time you painted the room? A fresh, bright color can really improve any size space.

Biophilic design is on trend, which just means making your interior spaces greener and more natural. Incorporating colors found in nature, plus adding natural elements like houseplants, can make any room feel more peaceful and livable. Consider plants that thrive on warmth and humidity when “greening up” your space.


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