Dear valued customers, In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, MRC Roofing has heard concerns from customers who are struggling with how to effectively address their roofing needs during this very wet time of year without closely interacting with an estimator or crew member from a roofing company. A growing number of people are preferring to minimize exposure to others. No doubt, contractors have their own concerns about catching the virus.

Rest assured, MRC Roofing is well-equipped to support you remotely with the level of engagement and service you have come to expect. During this time, MRC Roofing will be conducting initial meetings as video and audio conferences and will not be holding face-to-face meetings in homes.

Based on the information collected during these initial conferences, MRC Roofing will determine if a site visit is necessary to assess the roof. If a site visit is deemed necessary, MRC Roofing can access the roof while keeping the appropriate distancing practices in place, or without the customer even being present.


MRC Roofing also has at its disposal a virtual roof measuring tool called iRoof, allowing MRC Roofing to remotely gather the information needed to provide you with a written proposal. Once MRC Roofing has your proposals written, they can be sent via email and/or through the post. Lastly, a final meeting can be conducted as a video and audio conference to review or finalize any proposal items. While we perform the roofing work, the customer does not need to be present. MRC Roofing crew members will be briefed and supplied with pictures and maps generated from the iRoof tool to guide them in repairing and/ or replacing your roof.

COVID-19 has presented extraordinary challenges that were hard to imagine a few months ago. MRC Roofing knows that you are grappling with the same issues in your offices and homes. While members of the population prepare to change their daily lives to be run more from their homes, MRC Roofing stands ready to provide guidance and support through this unprecedented time that will keep you and your loved ones warm and safe in the comfort of your own home.

If you think it might be time for a new roof installation, call MRC Roofing for a free estimate and a qualified iRoof estimator will measure the roof from satellite imaging.

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