Some things get better with age, but agility isn’t one of them.

According to the National Council on Aging, an older adult is treated in the ER every 11 seconds as a direct result of a fall, and every 19 minutes, one dies. These are all from falls that could be prevented.

Many of these falls occur in the bathroom when seniors try to step over the side of the average bathtub. In Hawaii alone, slips and falls comprise 79 percent of all senior hospitalizations. It’s a big cause for worry for the aging population, resulting in many seniors looking to alternatives like replacing their beloved soaking tub with a shower stall.

Unfortunately though, the cost to replace a bathtub with a shower stall can run $12,000 or more, plus it takes a week to complete. However, there is an effective and affordable solution available that many seniors are turning to that is a fraction of the cost and takes less than one day to complete for a safe and enjoyable bathing experience.

Island Bath Works, a Honolulu firm, is extensively experienced in modifying all forms of bathtubs, including steel, cast iron and fiber-glass, to convert tubs with a walk-through so there’s no need to step over the side. The rest of the tub — along with the plumbing and wall covering — remains intact. Additionally, grab rails and non-skid surfaces can be added for extra security.


Seniors all over the island have been requesting walk-through bathtub conversions, but many of them come after an accident has already occurred. Eric Thompson, owner and CEO of Island Bath Works, wants to bring awareness and help seniors prevent a slip and fall injury before it happens. Because many island households include several generations, he’s reaching out to the community so they know there’s an easier, more affordable solution that will keep aging family members safe.

“Our goal is to help people take the necessary preventative measures before it’s too late,” Thompson explained. “Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t think about something like this until after it happens. The medical bills that can be avoided by taking this one simple cost-effective safety measure are astounding.”

Island Bath Works makes achieving this safety modification — which can be done to any tub — simple by using proprietary techniques that keep costs down while getting the job done within a day to avoid disruption to the household. It’s a small investment that has big payoff for added value to the home, plus the prevention of serious injury, which will prevent massive emergency room fees.

Greg and Deb Lovett of Mililani recently contacted Island Bath Works as a preventative measure.

“We’re not getting any younger and we want to keep enjoying our golden years,” Greg said.

After hearing that a fellow member of their golf club had slipped and fallen in the tub, sustaining various injuries, the Lovetts were concerned.


“These were active people, like us, and it got us thinking about our own safety. Deb and I didn’t want something like that to happen to us so we called Island Bath Works to have our tub lowered to prevent tripping,” Greg said.

The tub conversion process was done the next week, and grab bars were installed.

“The tub conversion has a world of difference for us. I regret not having this done years ago,” he added.

Additionally, Island Bath Works provides a 10-year warranty on labor and materials, plus a five-year warranty on refinishing. For those with aging, ill or frail family members, or for seniors who want to continue enjoying an active lifestyle without suffering from a serious slip and fall injury, contact Island Bath Works for more information or to schedule an appointment at 468-8000 or visit

During the coronavirus crisis, Island Bath Works remains committed to Hawaii’s seniors. To ensure everyone’s health and safety, we operate using professional particulate or vapor respirators, and offer enhanced sanitizing after work is completed.

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