ThePerfectSpace has unveiled its new two-story tiny house designed to provide emergency housing after a disaster — such as COVID-19. The coronavirus cannot penetrate its high-pressure laminate (HPL) surface, which is similar to Formica, making it an ideal isolation house for suspected victims of the coronavirus.

The two-story home, a patent-pending invention of TPS, was originally designed with the homeless and emergency markets in mind. It was designed to suddenly house victims of hurricanes, fires, floods, volcanoes and other calamities.

It is sold as a pre-fabricated DIY kit that can be assembled quickly by a contractor or an owner/builder. The DIY kits come with all the on-site instruction needed for you to have a successful installation. This service is free on Oahu. For neighbor island and mainland installations, please call for pricing.

Here are some of its unique features that make it timely for today’s corona-virus pandemic.


• Both the interior and exterior sides of its floor, wall and roof panels are covered with a hard-shell Formica HPL that cannot be penetrated by black mold, mud, blood, bedbugs, termites or the coronavirus.

• All interior surfaces should be sprayed first with a disinfectant, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, Then, TPS can be cleaned with a 2,800 psi pressure-washer to remove pathogens. The entire home is waterproof, inside and out, when it’s been properly caulked and painted with our special waterproof coatings.

• TPS’ framing is made from high-strength T-6 structural aluminum and stainless steel fasteners that will not rust when properly caulked and painted. It can survive a complete flooding for days without risk of water harming the structure. Black mold cannot penetrate beneath the HPL laminate. If it does grow on the surface, it can be sprayed with chlorine and then blasted off. It is 100 percent termite-proof.

• The structure is made from durable, non-corrosive materials that are to designed to last indefinitely when properly waterproofed and painted with the recommended coatings. The doors are made from fiberglass, and trim work is PVC, not wood. They will not rot or warp.

• All roof, wall and floor panels can be easily collapsed and stored in a 4-foot-by-8-foot stack less then 2 feet high, and stored in a warehouse awaiting the next inevitable emergency.


• A small village of these tiny homes can be erected in a week or two by the able-bodied residents of the town that was just devastated — with the help and instructions from the experts at TPS. Able-bodied residents can be quickly trained as installers, who then spread their expertise through out the village.

• TPS is lightweight enough for multiple units to be flown into a disaster area with a helicopter. Twenty tiny houses can be stored in a 40 ft shipping container for quick delivery by land.

• The basic 10-foot-by-12-foot one-story DIY kit starts at $11,800, plus tax. The two-story kit starts at $15,900, including the dormer. That includes all the materials needed to erect a waterproof structure on an existing level surface such as a concrete slab or asphalt driveway. Various options such as a second-floor loft, balcony, awning or dormer (on the one-stry kit) will add to that cost.

You choose whether you want to erect it with your own workers as an owner/ builder, or we can recommend some general contractors to do it for you.

All DIY kits come with all the free on-site instruction and hand-holding you need to erect a successful structure on Oahu. After our inspection, we will warranty all labor and materials against defects for two years, subject to the conditions in the contract.


You can also reserve a private showing by calling Cool Roof Store at 591-1905 to schedule a showing a time during working hours.

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