When most people think of dangerous activities that lead to emergency room visits in Hawaii, thoughts immediately go toward getting run over while crossing the road, falling down the stairs, or getting hit by falling coconuts. However, for those over the age of 65, the danger lies right in their own bathroom.

Studies show that each year, one-third of all Hawaii residents over the age of 65 will suffer a serious fall in their home. Of those, 80 percent will occur doing a seemingly harmless daily task: taking a bath.

The combination of slippery surfaces and ill-equipped bathtubs that require a large step to enter and exit leads to 4 out of 5 of the state’s annual senior citizen hospitalizations.

One local business is leading the charge to prevent such accidents. Island Bath Works is raising awareness of incidents in hopes of protecting the aging population.


The company’s solution is a fast and affordable bathtub conversion that allows owners to simply walk into their tub, eliminating that dangerous wall that causes so many accidents.


The walk-through bathtub conversions are done by cutting out the heightened wall of the tub, allowing for a seamless entrance. Fully customizable for any size and style of tub, the lowered step-over height can reduce dangerous falls by up to 90 percent.

Hailed as the perfect solution for those with mobility issues who are not yet ready to leave their homes or incur the cost of expensive live-in caregivers,

CEO Eric Thompson aims to proactively assist senior citizens before their first accident.

“With a majority of homeowners converting their tubs after a serious fall, we aim to help clients take preventative measures without having to suffer, first,” Thompson said.



Thompson points to the high cost of shower renovations as one of the reasons why people fail to make a change that can save them from serious injury. He maintains that Island Bath Works’ proprietary techniques allow the company to convert the tubs into a safe, accessible option within just one day — and more importantly, at just a fraction of the cost.

“A typical contractor will talk senior citizens into an expensive renovation,” said Thompson. “These can easily range from $10,000 to $15,000 and take weeks to complete. Our conversions can be done within just a single day and for 80 percent less.”

Because it takes just a single day to complete the conversion, homeowners benefit from the quick turnaround by not having to shut off their water, apply for permits or wait weeks to use their tub again.


Helen Shaw turned to Thompson’s company after an experience with a discount brand that left her worried about her husband’s safety.

“Years ago, I had gone with the cheaper guys who simply cut through the tub and placed an insert over the cut-out. I never felt comfortable with the quality of the job and worried about my husband tripping over the insert, which was a lot wider than the side of the tub,” she said.


“(Island Bath Works) did an amazing job converting the tub in my master bath to a walk-through,” said the satisfied Shaw. “They refinished the entire tub, and added a non-slip product into the tub floor for me.”

With each tub conversion backed by a 10-year warranty, Thompson hopes to keep future generations safe from bathroom slips with his innovative solution.

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