Although it pains me to admit it, one of my worst habits in recent years has been online shopping. I like to think of myself as uber-efficient, saving time by ordering groceries, diapers and other essentials this way rather than trekking to the physical locations. However, when I do this, I inevitably fall down the rabbit hole of scrolling and looking up more information as I go, all the while convincing myself that a 20 percent discount on an item I would not have considered otherwise counts as saving money overall. (It doesn’t.)

At the same time, online shopping does force me to do things like meal plan and avoid impulse purchases based on samples at the store. It has also allowed me to discover related products and new ways of improving things like my routine, work-out habits and home.

This happened recently as I was searching for vinyl siding options for a friend. I came across a product I had not seen before: liquid vinyl siding. I consulted a trusted source in the industry, Matthew Houar of Tropical Wholesale Hawaii.


“My father invented liquid vinyl about 35 years ago,” Houar said.

Liquid vinyl siding is similar to exterior paint, but drastically different when you examine it closely.

“It has 30 percent vinyl in the paint,” Houar explained. “It can eliminate the hassle and expense of conventional paint and is made to withstand harsh tropical environments.”

Like paint, liquid vinyl siding can come in nearly any color. It can even be color-matched. You can apply it to wood, metal, stucco, CMU or existing vinyl siding. The installation process is similar to traditional paint. However, there are extra labor and materials involved.


“You have to be factory-trained to install liquid vinyl siding,” Houar said. “Install time, depending on weather, is about one to two weeks.”

Although the cost can be about two to three times as much as paint, it is manufactured to last much longer and serve as a protectant as well.

“Liquid vinyl siding won’t crack, peel or fade like paint,” Houar said. “It has a 30-year warranty if installed correctly, compared with a five- to eight-year life on regular paint products.”

It one-ups traditional paint in other ways, too. Aside from a much longer warranty, liquid vinyl siding is completely waterproof, impervious to termites, and virtually maintenance-free, according to Houar.


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