Cool Roof Store has unveiled its revolutionary new two-story tiny dwelling designed to provide emergency housing after disasters such as the current coronavirus outbreak.

The coronavirus, as well as other pathogens, cannot penetrate its surface, making it an ideal isolation house for suspected victims of the coronavirus.

The new two-story home, a patent-pending invention of The PerfectSpace™, was originally designed with the homeless and emergency market in mind. It was designed to quickly house victims of natural disasters.


The new house is sold as a pre-fabricated DIY (do-it-yourself) kit that can be assembled quickly by a contractor or an owner/builder. The DIY kits come with all the on-site instruction needed for a successful installation. This service is free on Oahu. For neighbor island and mainland installations, please inquire about pricing.

Both the interior and exterior sides of its floor, wall and roof panels are covered with a hard shell Formica — high pressure laminate (HPL) — that cannot be penetrated by black mold, mud, blood, bedbugs, termites or the coronavirus.

All interior surfaces can be sprayed with a disinfectant and then cleaned with a 2,800 psi pressure washer to remove pathogens. The entire home is waterproof when properly caulked and painted with special waterproof coatings.

Framing is made from high-strength T-6 structural aluminum and stainless steel fasteners that will not rust when properly caulked and painted. It can survive a complete flooding for days without risk of water harming the structure. Black mold cannot penetrate beneath the HPL laminate. If mold grows on the surface, it can be sprayed with chlorine and blasted off. It is 100 percent termite-proof.


All the roof, wall and floor panels can be easily collapsed and stored in a 4-foot-by-8-foot stack less then 2 feet high and stored in a warehouse for the next emergency.

With the help and instructions from the experts at The PerfectSpace, these tiny homes can be erected in a week or two.

The basic one-story DIY kit starts at $11,800 plus tax. That includes all the material needed to erect a waterproof structure on an existing level surface.

You can reserve a private showing by calling Cool Roof Store at 591-1905.

CONTACT 591-1905
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