In a video on the Hawaiian Turfgrass website, Sean Fong carefully inspects a recently planted lawn in Salt Lake.

Ten days prior, the lawn had been prepped and sodded with Zeon Zoysia, a grass variety grown on Hawaiian Turfgrass’ Mililani farm and sold exclusively in Hawaii by the company.

The camera moves down so the grass is at eye level. “Check out how fine-bladed it is,” Fong said with satisfaction. “There’s minimal thatch; it’s green from the ground up.” And indeed the lawn is richly lush, simply beautiful.

Acclaimed for hardiness and easy maintenance, Zeon Zoysia makes a magnificent residential lawn.


“It doesn’t clump up like the old Emerald Zoysia,” Fong said. “Nobody wanted to walk on it, and it was hard to maintain. Zeon is soft and barefoot-friendly. It has that ‘wow factor’ look.”

Bred to be more disease-and insect-resistant than many other varieties, Zeon Zoysia is salt-tolerant and grows well near beaches, needing little water and fertilizer. Lawns planted with Zeon Zoysia should be mowed every one to two weeks with a reel mower set at 3/4 inches or less.

Hawaiian Turfgrass is also Hawaii’s exclusive producer of TifGrand Bermuda grass. The densely attractive turf was the company’s first proprietary variety. Developed by University of Georgia, Tif-Grand has a soft texture and excellent traffic recovery.

“It’s drought tolerant with reduced water requirements and needs significantly less fertilizer,” Fong explained.

Look for beautiful Tif-Grand on athletic fields on Oahu at Moanalua, Campbell and Radford high schools.


“It does best in full sun, and you’ll need to mow it weekly with your mower set at a half-inch or lower — as low as you can go,” said Fong.

You can now shop for Zeon Zoysia, TifGrand Bermuda or any of Hawaiian Turfgrass’ other varieties on the company’s easy-to-navigate website at It’s packed with comprehensive, helpful information about all five types of grass sold by the Mililani company.

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