Pacific American Lumber’s most recent introduction, Neolith, is truly “cutting edge.”

Neolith is a surfacing material manufactured using state-of-the-art processes combining porcelain, quartz and glass particles into sheet form. It is suitable for counter-tops, flooring and exterior wall cladding, offering limitless design options and unequaled durability.

“We were skeptical when Neolith came to town to do a presentation for us,” said Chris Nied, president of Pacific American Lumber. “They took a screwdriver to a sample and sparks flew off the material without leaving a scratch. Then they used a blowtorch on the sample for a few minutes without causing any damage. At that point we knew it was a viable product and one that needed to be brought to the Hawaii market.”

Neolith is available in a multitude of marble, granite and quartz looks. “Impress your friends at your next dinner by slicing and searing your sashimi directly on your countertop,” Nied said. “Just don’t send us a bill for a new knife.”

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