With technology, we can choose the area we want to live, check home values on Zillow, look at the foot traffic on Google maps, evaluate nearby schools, and take a 3D tour of the home — all before we’ve talked to a Realtor.

Tech in home remodeling is no different. We can find and rate local contractors on Houzz, use Roomle to design a 3D model of our new living room and order furniture through Wayfair.

This led Tanisha Souza, president of Honolulu-based Tardus Wealth Strategies, to wonder, “With all of those advancements, why hasn’t the way we buy homes changed, so that Honolulu homeownership is within reach for the average local family?”


Nationwide, half of millennials, Generation Xers and even baby boomers say they don’t make enough money to buy a home. Hawaii residents fare even worse. Fortunately, Tardus Wealth Strategies is changing all of that.

“People take on two or three jobs in order to afford a $600,000 or $700,000 home in Honolulu,” Souza said, “But in a few years with the Income Snowball, our clients are creating enough sustainable, monthly investment income to make the mortgage payments on new Honolulu homes for 30 years without using their own money. Even sales professionals with inconsistent income don’t have to worry about keeping a roof over their heads.”

According to Souza, instead of working multiple jobs to afford a house they don’t have time to enjoy, prospective homeowners are using a more efficient system to create new income, deduct the interest on their homes, and live a very comfortable life.

“Our system isn’t just for first-time home buyers. We’re also helping people realize their dreams with their newly found income. They’re able to travel more, add an ADU (accessory dwelling unit), remodel their homes, attack debt and retire early, all at the same time,” Souza explained.


“You are only limited by your imagination. We have families who have adopted a child, paid for private school or university, bought their dream homes, paid off student loans and mortgages, went on safari and so on.”

In 2014, Tanisha received a patent on her proprietary Income Snowball Calculator, which is just one reason Tardus has become so successful.

“Think about it,” Souza said. “With everything we want speed, innovation and convenience. Working years and waiting decades to save up for a home or pay off a mortgage is slow, antiquated and inconvenient. That’s why we created the Income Snowball and the Tardus Wealth Coaching system.”

Coaches use the Income Snowball Calculator to tailor a unique and flexible plan for each household. It combines high cash-on-cash return alternative income investments, cash flow and OPM (other people’s money) to create assets quickly. As a family’s income or expenses change, so does their plan. Coaches meet with their clients one-on-one to ensure their success.


Tardus offers free online training, “How to Create a Six-figure Investment Income Without Getting into Debt Even if You Have no Savings.” Go to tardus. com/6-figure-income/ and use the access code STARB.

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