Spring is around the corner. For many island homeowners, that means it’s time to roll up the sleeves, grab a tape measure, and start making practical plans for a variety of cleaning, redecorating, and renewal projects.

When it’s important to get the most bang for your renovation buck, check out Rui Building Supply in Honolulu. From flooring to light fixtures, the company can help you keep costs as low as possible as you’re shopping for fixtures and supplies for your remodeling project.


Rui’s compact but efficiently arranged showroom on Sand Island Access Road is filled with a diverse selection of furnishings, fixtures, flooring, and more, in a variety of styles and designs. And the company has recently received new shipments of kitchen furnishings, including sleekly handsome new cabinets, constructed in a simple Shaker style, that seem to have been designed specifically for transitionally styled kitchens.

“The new cabinets are frameless and clean, and their smooth surfaces look great in modern and newly renovated homes,” said Jon Xie, manager of the building supply showroom.

Durable, resistant to scratches and moisture, the acrylic-finish cabinets are simple to maintain: just wipe them down with soap and water. They’re available in clean white and rich espresso shades. “We’ve set up a display for them, and you’re welcome to come and see how beautiful they are!” said Xie.


The building supply company has also received shipments of gorgeous new LED light fixtures that were specifically selected for the showroom with island homes in mind. Because they’re LED, producing light far more efficiently than incandescent models, the new lights use less energy and emit almost no heat at all — which means they’re perfect for the Hawaiian Islands.

“We have overhead fixtures in a great variety of new designs,” Xie said. “There’s lighting for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens — fixtures for just about every room in the house, and in every size.”

For a limited period, Rui will continue to offer a small but rich selection of flooring tiles. “We still have really stylish porcelain tiles that look like marble, as well as pebble tiles with rough textures and patterns,” said Xie. The pebble tiles, which are easy for toes to grip, are ideal for bathrooms.


Markdowns and sales are very common here because much of the company’s merchandise is popular with Rui Construction, the building supply showroom’s sister company, and new shipments arrive regularly. “We always have discounts; just inquire when you swing by,” advised Xie. “We can always help you find something that’s right for you, at the right price!”

Don’t own a tape measure? No worries! Rui can send a contractor to your home at your convenience. The RUI contractor will take measurements for countertops, cabinets, and/or flooring, and produce a pre-estimate, layout, and design for your project. The friendly family-owned company provides these services free of charge!

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