El Toro Zoysia has been Hawaii’s most popular turfgrass for years. It’s found everywhere — golf courses, parks, commercial areas, and residential lawns all over Oahu.

“It’s drought-tolerant, and grows densely so it chokes out weeds,” explained Sean Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass. “It has few insect and disease problems, and they can be treated easily with selective insecticides and fungicides.”


What sets El Toro Zoysia from Hawaiian Turfgrass apart from the same variety grown by other Oahu farms?

“We keep our fields weed-free, mow with reel mowers, and sell only mature grass that’s grown in plastic,” said Fong.

These practices also mean that El Toro Zoysia, like the company’s other varieties, will quickly and successfully root almost anywhere they’re planted.


El Toro Zoysia is just one of five different varieties offered by Hawaiian Turfgrass.

The company is exclusively licensed to sell Zeon Zoysia, Tifgrand Bermuda, Seastar Seashore Paspalum and Captiva St. Augustine in Hawaii, all designed to be superior to their common counterparts in every way.

The most popular grass in Hawaii is now on sale at Hawaiian Turfgrass! From now until the end of March, pay just $2.50 per square foot for El Toro Zoysia (regularly $3 per square foot).


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