Keep your home or building cool without breaking the bank. Consider installing a spray foam insulation system. Unlike rigid board, fiberglass or cellulose insulation, spray foam insulation is fully adhered, monolithic, self-flashing and can be applied at any thickness to meet R-value requirements. Spray foam insulation can be installed on the roof or within exterior wall cavities and ceiling.

Spray foam insulation with silicone coating system seals all roof penetrations. This system is the best choice when installing solar panels. Spray foam insulation goes on in liquid form then expands to 30 times its volume, sealing all gaps and penetrations seamlessly. No other roofing system can compare to spray foam’s superior sealing quality.


The insulation is then coated with silicone. High solids silicone coatings are unaffected by UV rays, 30 mils installed today will remain 30 mils 20 or more years from now. Silicone coatings will not support the growth of molds and mildew. Its color will remain true through time.

This is why spray foam and silicone system manufacturers are able to give 20-25 year full labor and material warranties. This means that the manufacturer, at no cost to the homeowner, will repair any defects in the system within the length of the warranty.

Spray foam insulation systems come in two varieties, closed cell 2 pound foam and open cell half pind foam.


Closed cell two pound foam makes a structure sturdier by adding racking strength. It has a higher insulation value than any other form of insulation. Open cell half pound foam is the choice for insulation with sound dampening. It is less dense than closed cell insulation and will not easily transfer sound waves.

Spray foam seals all gaps in wall cavities ensuring that cooled air stays in and warm air stays out, effectively lowering energy cost.

Spray foam insulation systems are specialty products requiring special licensing. It’s a niche skill that requires the applicator to have years of experience and specialized equipment for proper installation. MRC is proud to have the most experienced spray foam technician in the Pacific Region. MRC Roofing is a certified factory installer with more than 40 years of experience installing spray foam insulation systems.


If you think it is time for an efficient insulation system that pays you back in lowered energy costs, call MRC Roofing today for a free estimate.

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