If you are looking to replace sliding doors or windows for your home, there are three main factors to consider: product quality, installation and service/warranty.

Hawaii has a unique set of environmental issues for most building materials that include salt air, high ultra-violet light and heavy rain.


Window and sliding door parts that are most susceptible to weathering and deterioration are screens, hardware and the spacers that keep the two panes of the dual pane window systems separate. Metal spacers in Hawaii can fail within 10 years resulting in fogging between the windowpanes.

While vinyl window frames are generally considered more resilient than wood or aluminum frames, the high UV light can cause the cheaper vinyl to powder or fade.

Most window screens employ plastic tabs to use to remove the screen from the frame for cleaning. After a couple years the screen gets “welded” into the frame making it very difficult to remove. The plastic tabs break off.


While many vinyl windows have a similar appearance when they are new, after some years of installation you can see the effects of inferior quality and installation.

Having installed windows for over 30 years, Diamond Head Windows knows what works and what doesn’t. They have located manufacturers who will custom build windows for Hawaii.

Diamond Head Windows uses their own staff to install windows and utilize non-corrosive fasteners and the best quality caulking to ensure your windows perform and maintain their appearance for the life of your home.


Diamond Head Windows has Amerimax windows with a lifetime warranty that includes screens, hardware, accidental glass breakage, labor and installation for as long as you live in your home. It can also be transferred to a new owner.

Find out for yourself what makes the products and service unique in Hawaii. Schedule a free in-home consultation with Diamond Head Windows. It has styles and brands that fit your budget and needs as well a number of finance options. Call 419-7500 to get started.

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