Each year in Hawaii, local seniors suffer serious injuries after experiencing mobility-related accidents at home. One of the leading causes of such accidents is bathtubs with sides too high to safely step over. Island Bath Works specializes in bathtub conversion for greater home safety.

The process involves removing a portion of an existing bathtub, creating a seamless opening. It greatly improves the quality of independent living for the elderly. As the only company in Hawaii dedicated to bathtub conversions, Island Bath Works ensures every customer a custom-made, non-invasive process from beginning to end. The company services all islands.

Island Bath Works has garnered much support from satisfied customers. After a series of nearly serious accidents, Carol Sakai and her husband Ron called Island Bath Works owner Eric Thompson for assistance.


“Our bathtub was too high and not having grab bars made it easy to slip,” said Carol Sakai. “After receiving a quote from several places, it was clear that Island Bath Works would provide the highest quality work within a reasonable budget and time frame.”

Bathtub conversion requires little to no demolition and there is minimal interference to the resident’s normal routine. Most jobs take one day to complete. “The whole process was so easy because the workmanship was extremely thorough and neat,” said Sakai. “My husband and I enjoyed working with Eric very much.”

Because a bathtub conversion simply modifies the existing bathtub, Island Bath Works is extremely efficient, and able to charge considerably less than most companies on the market.

“Through our personal research, it was much easier financially to do bathtub conversion with Island Bath Works,” said Sakai. “Other companies wanted to take apart the entire bathtub and pipes, which would have cost more than double and taken much longer.”


Island Bath Works also provides bathtub refinishing. Old and worn tubs will get a second chance at life and look brand new with a new finish applied.

The bathtub conversion process can be done on any type of bathtub material such as fiberglass, cast iron or steel. Homeowners may choose any side to create a bathtub opening up to three feet.

“Looking back, we are so glad we did the bathtub conversion,” said Sakai. “Not only was the service reasonably priced and quick, the end result really helped me and my husband gain more confidence about living our lives independently as senior citizens.”

For more information call 468-8000 or visit IslandBathWorks.com.