Repairing a roof can cost anywhere from $351 to $1,373, according to Home Advisor. In Hawaii, we can expect our rates to be slightly higher. But how do you know if you
need a repair? To find out, I turned to an expert in the industry, Jon Vaughn of MRC Roofing Hawaii.

I asked where and when I should start inspecting my roof for issues.


Vaughn suggested paying attention to transition areas, such as the penetrations at the pipes, skylight curbs, walls, valleys and hips.

“If not installed properly, roofing leaks can start on day one,” he said. “Most residential roofing systems do not require having any exposed caulking, but if there is exposed caulking, the Hawaiian sun will dry it out and crack it within seven years, creating a long-term maintenance issue.”

Next week, Vaughn will answer more roofing questions, and provide helpful tips to help you make the right decision about potential repairs to your roof.


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