If you ask finance guru Tanisha Souza if interest rates are low enough to refinance to make home improvements, she’ll ask you a question: If you could either create passive investment income to pay for your home improvements or deplete your home equity to pay for them, which would you choose?

The answer is obvious. Who wouldn’t want investment income to pay for home and lifestyle improvements? That’s the promise Tanisha Souza’s Income Snowball™ has made and kept to thousands of families throughout Hawaii and the mainland. It’s changing the way people look at home-ownership.


Souza co-owns Honolulu-headquartered Tardus Wealth Strategies with her husband, Chris. “We discovered a better, faster way to accomplish a whole lot more,” she said. “The old way helped you pay off your mortgage faster, but if your income dropped, your expenses went up, or if you work on commissions, the whole system stopped working. The Income Snowball™ works for anyone … homeowners and renters. It gives you a step-by-step plan to create predictable monthly income within the first 30 to 45 days, so if your income drops or your expenses go up in the future, you already have investment income to cover it. Our system keeps working for you even when life happens.”

Tanisha Souza filed for the U.S. utility patent six years before it was granted in 2014. It wasn’t an easy task. She had to prove to the United States Patent and Trademark Office that the technology she had created did not already exist, was not obvious, couldn’t already be known to the public and provided useful, concrete and tangible results. Before filing, the Souzas hired an expert intellectual property lawyer from San Francisco who did a lot of research and found that there wasn’t a software in existence that was able to do what hers does.

Here’s how it works: A coach who is trained to use the software enters your income, expenses, goals and other variables. Unlike other robo-advisor calculators, this one suggests income-investments to buy and how and when to use leverage and even can factor in default rates. Kids got into Punahou? No problem, here’s a plan for that. Aging parent needs a nursing home? Presto! There’s a plan for that. Want to add a swimming pool to the house? The Income Snowball™ has a better way to do that too. The software also shows you how to create income immediately and pay off debt simultaneously, if you choose. Perhaps most importantly, it can also give you a date certain when you can give notice to your job while your monthly income continues to grow. The financial freedom date for most people falls between five and 10 years. That’s why they call it “financial freedom for the rest of us.”


Clients are able to see their income and debt reduction results in real time and compare it to the calculator’s projections on a regular basis. Their entire operation works like a well-oiled machine, as evidenced by their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and thousands of clients served nationwide over the past 18 years.

“Tanisha developed the Income Snowball™ for people who don’t want to wait 40 years to quit working or wait 10 to 15 years to enjoy life after they’ve paid off their mortgages,” said Chris Souza. “We were blessed enough to take two months off and travel around the world while we were in our 30s because we didn’t have to work. We want to help others follow their dreams too.”

The new Tardus model isn’t just a patented software, it’s a combination of tools, and an entire system where highly trained coaches help their clients execute everything from simple to complex layering of strategies to find the fastest way to achieve the results they want.


“Everyone’s goals are different. Their situations are different. No two people have the same plan. It’s all very customized. At Tardus, we offer people access to their dreams in a faster, pain-free way,” Tanisha Souza said. “Traditionally, it would take you dozens of years of work and decades of saving to possibly retire slightly above poverty level. This is a game-changer. The Income Snowball™ software, coaching, education and systems are tools we use that help guarantee our clients’ success.”

Expect to see much more about Tardus on television and online in the coming months. For more information about how to create a six-figure investment income, for a limited time, Tardus is offering a mini-series of educational videos free at TARDUS.COM/6-FIGURE-INCOME/ or call 440-0688 for more information.

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