From customer service, to special deals and reliable products, Windows Hawaii has it all. One such product is its Alii Extreme Windows & Doors manufactured by Anlin Window Systems, especially because it is tailored to Hawaii’s tropical conditions. The product line is the result of a decade of research and development by Anlin in Hawaii’s unique climate, and Windows Hawaii is your exclusive local distributor.

The technological advancements on these products are unmatched with features like Comfort-Core™ Foam Fill, Triple-Guard Weatherstripping, Innergy┬« Fiberglass Reinforcement, Argon “Flood-Filled” chamber, Sound Suppression Technology, Upgraded Rollers, Aluma-Force™ Extruded Screen Frame — in which this frame is made with thick walls of high-test aluminum with no worry of bending or damaging during cleanings.

The Argon “Flood-Filled” Chamber replaces argon-injected technology, which is a step above the rest since it increases windows’ R-value and minimizes heat exchange through the window.

(R-value refers to the level of effectiveness a product resists heat transfer through conduction, defines the Building Performance Institute Inc. “The higher the R-value, the greater resistance to heat transer,” according to the institute.)

Comfort-Core is a green foam inserted in specific dead air chambers for maximum efficiency and the fiberglass reinforcement is an ultra-strong insert providing thermal insulation and resists condensation.


Other details of these features are dissimilar, thicker, glass panes of the sound suppression technology, which substantially reduces noise coming in or going out. The Triple-Guard Weatherstripping comes with three strips for each window adding triple protection against moisture, dirt, noise, bacteria, mold and mildew.

Finally, not found with other companies on the island, the Alii Extreme window is wet glazed rather than using a double-sided tape to secure the IGU to the frame. Furthermore, one of the greatest benefits is the INFINIT-e Plus High Performance Glazing System featuring Anlin Armor, which adds even more protection and durability.

Bringing it full-circle is the most inclusive warranty in the industry with the True Double Lifetime Warranty that is fully transferable to one subsequent homeowner plus covers labor and freight.

Randall King of Aiea Heights, and a happy customer of Windows Hawaii had his Alii windows installed in June 2018.

“We wanted to change to large picture windows and our old windows were single pane windows — so it was a nice view, but extremely hot with the sun pouring into the windows,” explained King.

“When I got the picture window from Windows Hawaii, it was larger and I put sliding. We also got double pane, which cut the heat back majorly, and sound as well. My neighbors can be loud sometimes and their sound is not interfering with us anymore. Our look of the house really improved, too.”


King also noted that Windows Hawaii gave him a seamless process than he previously experienced with another window company on the island, and that’s when he decided to switch to Windows Hawaii.

“I did have another contractor come and install. They did okay at first, but there were problems later on. I called many, many times, but they never came to fix it,” divulged King.

“Mario came over and he was patient and informative. He was real professional and the people that installed the windows gave high attention to details that the windows fit correctly. It was a good experience. I also like the design of the Windows Hawaii better,” he said.

Roberta and Reuben Song are a satisfied duo of Windows Hawaii products. Living on St. Louis heights, the pair is happy that the windows allow them to enjoy the view they have from the living room.

“They replaced from top to bottom the living room, two walls and the kitchen, three bedrooms and one bathroom, and they did it all in two days. We were amazed,” they explained. “They were neat, they cleaned up every day, there was nothing lying around, they didn’t forget tools and stuff. They vacuumed our house when they were done and put everything back. These guys, they were wonderful.

“What we notice now is our A/C system is much more efficient,” concluded the Songs. “With the new windows in, it’s way more energy efficient and the noise from the outside was reduced — our house gets windy because we’re on a hill. I already recommended Windows Hawaii to a lot of my friends who are thinking of getting new windows.”

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