While some people claim they hate small talk, I actually enjoy it. I truly like hearing about the little things going on in others’ lives. Throughout the past few weeks, small-talk topics have usually involved something about holiday preparations. “Are you ready for Christmas?” I have learned a lot about friends and coworkers through their responses to this question.

One coworker, for example, surprised me when he said he was not only done with all of his shopping before Black Friday, but he also had the house decorated and all of the gifts wrapped by then, too. He does not pawn the work off on anyone else, either. He truly enjoys the preparation, and I give Best of all, they are classically and thoughtfully designed, so they will stand the test of time and last year after year:


You can place a freestanding water fountain indoors or out, and Big Rock has several options so that you can tailor the look to your preferences. The sounds they make will help to mask unwanted noises outside, and indoors they can actually help to purify the air. According to Serenity Health, because of the negative ions they produce, indoor water fountains attract dust and reduce air pollution.



Associated with Buddhist temples, pagodas are often found in Southeast Asia and typically symbolize balance and stability. Pair them with Buddha and other carefully selected garden items to enhance the tranquil feel.


Use these stones to create a pathway or to designate areas of your garden. Available in moss rock/ lava and coral, Big Rock manufactures these pavers to have the look of natural stone but with reinforced concrete for extra strength and durability. They come in a variety of shapes and colors so they can better mimic the variations occurring in natural stone.


These basins make for unique planters or even as bases for water features. Designs range from natural and rustic to clean and modern.

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